PHOTOS: Sexiest Studs From The Santa Speedo Runs

PHOTOS: All month long we’ve been watching good men drop trou’ in the name of charity. So in the spirit of giving we’ve collected the sexiest Santas from the Boston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and London Santa Speedo Runs for your (and our) viewing pleasure.








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  • WayDifferent

    I’m sure they all dieted 6 months for this event. They look like they need a burger or two. Would be nice to see a gay guy with some meat on his bones these days. Untrimmed, natural body hair would be a plus too. Monkey-see, monkey-do.

  • Noktomezo

    I love how Queerty perpetuates the idea that all gay men are white, muscle queens. Very healthy for young people. AND great for the cause of equality (if you are a white skinny bitch).

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @WayDifferent: @Noktomezo:

    So, I guess the Asian, 2 Hispanics and the black guy in the first pic don’t count???
    Oh, and the Asians, Hispanics and black in pic 2???
    The hairy chested guys in pics 2, 3, and 4 don’t count???
    Oh, and in pics 3, 3 hairy chested and 1 Asian?
    Oh, and pic 5, the hairy chested guys also running?

    As for being in shape, are you suggesting that you’d prefer to see groups of men who shouldn’t be in public in their underwear ought to parading around?

    Its fun gay guy time involving Santas, fundraising, parties. Lighten up guys, enjoy the show, applaud the good efforts, and stop being Grinches.

  • macmantoo

    Okay ladies pull the claws back in and enjoy the scenery. It’s a happy time. Everybody has different taste. For the most part I would think in all these pictures you can find one guy to lust over.

  • balehead

    Don’t forget this was started by Straight Guys to help charity!!…..Most of the participants are straight!!..stop the gay online bullying…

  • John Doe

    From an American perspective, I look at these photos and see many guys who are in shape and relatively fit.

    From a Brazilian perspective, I look at these photos and see many guys who have some fat on their bodies or are just average, at best.

    I guess it depends on your perspective. Most Americans are either overweight or technically obese (see BMI). So, we tend to see anyone who is thin as “skinny” (and needing to put on weight) – and we see an average person as relatively “in shape.”

    I just say this because of the comments above, including the “They look like they need a burger or two” comment.

  • jonasalden

    Of course, this is a game of proportions and percentages. Just as in Straight America, the media is dominated by Whites. Pointing out “the” Asian and “the” Black only underscores that point. Of course, due to homophobia in Black culture, many gay Black men might not feel so comfortable being “exposed”, or due to see pictures like these, might not feel welcome at events like these. Who knows, but you cannot deny the self-perpetuating bias there. Intentionally or not, racial bias masquerading as “preference” exists in our community as well.

  • 2eo

    @thesamebutdiffname: John will need some serious salve for that burn.

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