PHOTOS: Sexy Artist Mike Lazar’s Tongue Is Firmly In Cheek With “ICONS” Exhibit


PHOTOS: While artists may be a dime a dozen in the Big Apple, few young artists are as sexy and inspiring as the work they create.

Meet Michael Lazar. He’s young, talented, and has a huge… paintbrush. Lazar recently unveiled his latest gallery collection, ICONS — a celebration of the power of iconography and color” — at the OUT NYC Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The art, like Michael, is sexy, edgy, and full of surprises. Using his love of all-things-pop for inspiration, Lazar filled the hallways of the hotel’s lobby with large canvases of brightly-colored, heavily layered paintings and collages themed by Madonna, Britney, Disney princesses, and more.  One of the standouts was an ode to Madonna, clad in her best Eva Peron, called Her Madge-esty.

“My philosophy is a mixture of social commentary and a pie in the face,” ,” Michael said. “Whether working with collage or painting, LAZAR ART evokes nostalgia, remembrance, and an ease with which the viewer can relate to the context of the piece, whether it be Disney icons, patriotism, Hollywood, romance, and classic cross-cultural images like the heart, star or simple daisy.”

Before becoming one of New York’s newest up-and-coming pop art stars, Michael was a singer, dancer, actor, and model. He’s not just a another pretty face (and muscles) with lots of talent, he’s got a big heart underneath and gives back to the LGBTQ community whenever possible. LAZAR ART has been shown at TriBeca’s prestigious Space on White as a solo visual artist for Exhibit Equality, a fundraiser for the subsequent 2009 March on Washington, sponsored by the original company of Broadway’s acclaimed revival of HAIR.

Along with the larger pop-themed pieces are smaller cartoon illustrations and sketches, perfect starter pieces for anyone’s home collection. While subjects chosen for ICONS are familiar trends in the gay zeitgeist, Lazar’s works bring out something new, something dazzling, something shocking—sometimes sad and eerie—but always fresh and evocative.

ICONS is on display at the OUT NYC (510 West 42nd Street) through January 23rd, 2014.  You can learn more about Michael’s work at | Photo Credit: Tom Hafner Elicerio, THE Photography

Jonathan D. Lovitz is an LGBTQ community advocate, communications specialist, and former actor, best known for several shows on LOGO TV. He currently lives in NYC and travels nationally to speak about advocacy. Follow him on Twitter at @jdlovitz.