PHOTOS: Adult Star Peter Le Helps Tell The World That Asian Men Drive Us Absolutely Wild

Adult film star Peter Le — following in the footsteps of the late, great Masaki Koh — is on a mission to combat stereotypes and define the Asian gay man as a sexual force to be reckoned with. We require no convincing: We’ve long been fans. Black hair and high cheekbones, lithe bodies. Honestly, what’s not to love?

And, as blogger Divine Caroline puts it in her homage to Asian gay boys that grace the streets of San Francisco, there’s their unbeatable “come and get me” style.

Scroll down to see photos of sexy Asian men who drive us absolutely wild.

Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Sexy Asian Guys

Photo credit: Hot Bureau

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Photo credit: Fuck Yeah Sexy Asian Guys

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Photo credit: chinitongkalbo

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Photo credit: iroveasians

Photo credit: chinitongkalbo

Photo credit: iroveasians

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  • yaoming


  • miniskull

    First of all, his name is PETER LE. And second, he ain’t no Asian LGBT ally. He poses as an attention whore who’s taken advantage of oppressed Asian gay kids and creepy rice queens. He’s not a gay guy, never and probably never will do a gay action scene, yet he directs and manages a mediocre gay porn website. You know who’s a real hero is? Keni Styles- he’s a straight porn star but every scene he did is amazing. I’m sure a lot of women (and gay men) got attracted to Asian guys after watching his videos.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @miniskull: miniskull? LOLOL. O….K!

  • Dev.C

    Peter Le is gay? since when? I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone can match how hot Masaki Koh was, he was and still is a gay asian god.

  • darkorient

    Just as expected, all of them are slanted-eyed, yellow skinned East Asians. Don’t get me wrong, I find the guys on those pics are attractive (well, some of them), it’s just that I am an Asian and I don’t relate to them. I feel obligated to remind you Americans that Asia is very diverse, our skin can be the color of olive or dark chocolate, our eyes can be azure or hazel, our hair blond or jet black, and yet we are all Asians.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @darkorient: Thank you, darkorient. WASP people are so quick to compartmentalize, gay or straight. Kudos!

  • Niall

    Boring. No, not Asian men, just these pics.

  • Eiswirth

    I love Asian men and always wondered why there are so few of them in gay porn. Is it a cultural stigma? Masaki Koh certainly had no qualms. Peter Le is beautiful, but he certainly does not “define the Asian man as a force to be reckoned with.” He’s straight, and only does solos, unlike Koh. I’d love to see him do hardcore, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • BlackHouston

    2014 is the year of Asian sex appeal!

    But what’s up with all these Asian dudes looking multi-racial? You couldn’t find any Asian dudes with classical eastern features?

    Keep trying Queerty!

  • BlackHouston

    Btw, 4th pic is hella hot. Yum.

  • boring

    We’ve long been fans. Black hair and high cheekbones, lithe bodies, good at math…

    But seriously, as an unattractive Asian dude, it’s coming off a little condescending, Queerty. Why you have to be such a creeper?

  • Kangol

    Some of these models are really attractive, some hot, some not.

    There are also South Asians, southeaest Asians, etc. Perhaps if Queerty did a bit job of featuring LGBTQ men of all colors regularly it would be a great thing, and we wouldn’t have to ghettoize Asian or Black or Latino or Blatino or Blasian or Latasian or Native American or Arab or any other people.

    Because LGBT people come in all colors, especially in the USA!

  • Kangol

    Oh, and not just men, but women and transpeople and people who reject gender categories all together!

  • GeeTom

    Asian guys have that natural tan skin that every model goes for like The Sean Cody ones. Peter Le is sexy.

  • ted72

    I admit Peter Le is an attractive man, he’s more than likely to be gay in his personal life (hate to stereotype, but he sounds extremely queenie).

    However, he may not define himself as gay. So, I do not agree he should remotely be compared to Masaki. Not even in the same league.

    Peter gives off the impression that he is better than us gay men and yet he wants our money.

  • ellenhow sonded

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  • BradleyBrad

    @miniskull: Peter Le ain’t gay. He has a gf.

  • BradleyBrad

    @miniskull: So true! He is “advised” by old queens who want a piece of him. Watch his interviews, aint much content in what he says. beauty fades but ignorance is forever.

    We want an intelligent Gay Asian Man who represents us well. Not another pretty faced bimbo.

  • ted72

    I agree with you

  • GeeTom

    Geez, beggars can’t be choosers. At least there are more asian men standing confident about themselves in gay magazines. Often we see white guys, black guys, and they’re beautiful but I love seeing asian guys that look confident in their pictures too. We don’t have to demand an asian man to follow our views of what gay men should act like. Everybody follows their own drummer. It would be a joke if this asian guy had to act a certain way to please everyone that this is how a Asian guy should be. Whether Peter Le straight or gay, it’s not an issue to me, but it’s nice to see a confident asian man, and yeah he comes across as a bit arrogant, but it at least shows that he feels empowered to do what he wants, even if others see him as asian. More power to him and his photographs!

  • Mezaien

    I love Asian, gay men. Just don’t become Christian.

  • Spike

    Seriously Queerty, could you at least Google, “Peter Le, gay” and inform yourself before posting this nonsense. Yes asian guys are smoking hot, till they shave their pits and pubes, but promoting some str8t asian guy in the midst of this post is just plain wrong.

  • dbnseattle

    Well I got to say I totally love Asian men. I love all men but my preference is Asian for sure, especially a hot fit panda or just facial hair. Kinda afraid of going to San Fran all that much, I want to stay so badly, but Seattle is where my business is located, and I love what I do, but that doesn’t stop me from finding and spotting beautiful outgoing, friendly, intelligent, driven, successful, active,cultured, healthy, Asian men. I have never really understood the whole negative vibe towards Rice Queens. So they know what they like and they know what they like. So what? We see guys crackers only wanting potatoes all of the time. White on white is okay, but it gets boring to. I don’t see race being a problem for me,Love a tanned Asian man, someone who might get darker than myself during the summer. I have dipped into it all or they dipped into me. Oh and for you size queens, a couple of the biggest guys I have come across were Japanese 9+ thick.

  • da90027

    @miniskull: you hit the nail on the head he exploits naive young asian men for his god awful porn site. He is a frustrated wannabe actor who turned to bad porn to make money.

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