PHOTOS: Sexy Men Reading Make Us Want To Bury Our Faces In Their Books

Reading is pretty darn sexy.

We recently came across the blog Sexy Men Read, which features photos and GIFs of hot men with their noses (and other things) buried in books. This led us to an even steamier site appropriately called A Naked Bookshelf (NSFW).

We had no idea there we so many people with men-reading-books fetishes. But after seeing these photos, we’re happy to join that club.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite pics.

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  • JasonBrownUK

    Is that his Richard Dalloway I spy?

  • manonyme

    i had no idea that i even had a fetish for men who read. but, instantly i connected with the fact that it’s tough to find guys who can stimulate me intellectually. and some of those guys has surprisingly large. . .books, prolly with bigger words, but still. it’s hot just knowing a guy is a thinking man’s-man.

    can’t thank you enough for those blogs :)

  • MikeE

    A lot of handsome men here, but.. I’m always a little creeped out by “candid” shots of people minding their own business, when they’re posted on blogs like this. Are all these guys models? Or are some of these pics just dudes who happened to be there reading a book when you passed by with a camera (or phone)?

  • jckfmsincty

    @MikeE: The dude sucking on the straw with the 70’s porn ‘stache is porn actor Dale Cooper.

  • Rockery


    I think they are harmless. There are only a few that look like the person might not have knowledge ie the subway ones. (And they too could be staged) They might not want their bulges everywhere. But those are the hottest ones!

  • Deepdow

    Um, HNNNG

  • erichendricks

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  • Kangol

    Great little posts like this one keep me returning to this site. Thanks, Queerty!

  • bjeffers76

    WOW i haven’t read book in like 100 years!! anyone ever heard of bookson tape, they r fun! and you don’t even have to think to read them!

  • Cobalt Blue

    Sexy men reading don’t make me want to read too. One thing is a sexy man and other completely different is to read.

  • tardis

    This is just so hot.

  • hotshot70

    I think a man reading a real book is so much hotter than a guy with an e-book. It makes them look smarter.

  • pauleky

    @bjeffers76: This may be the saddest comment I’ve read on Queerty, and that’s certainly saying a lot! Please tell me this is satire – that you’re making fun of the little twinks who really say this.

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