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PHOTOS: Sexy New Movies, Sexy New Stars At Outfest

Forget that old gay adage “So many men, so little time.” Starting Thursday it’s all about binging on as many movies as possible in eleven days (July 11-21) at Outfest, arguably the globe’s most prestigious LGBT film festival. As always, part of the appeal of events like this is discovering new talent and this year should prove no exception. For more in-depth information on some of the key films on the circuit, read our feature here. For screening dates and times of films, visit Then feast your eyes on some of the sexy standouts among this year’s lineup below.


free fall

Free Fall

Actors to watch: Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt

Happy Sad

The Happy Sad

Actors to watch: Leroy McClain and Charlie Barnett


The Last Match 

Actors to watch: Milton Garcia & Reinier Diaz


Out Of The Dark

Out in the Dark

Actors to watch: Michael Aloni and Nicholas Jacob

Pit Stop

Pit Stop

Actors to watch: Bill Heck, Marcus DeAnda

in bloom 4

In Bloom

Actors to watch: Kyle Wigent, Adam Fane


The Go Doc Project

Actors to watch: Matthew Camp, Tanner Cohen



Actors to watch: Scott Marlowe, Matthew Risch


Beyond The Walls

Actors to watch: Guillaume Gouix, Matila Malliarakis


Hot Guys With Guns

Actors to watch: Brian McArdle, Trey McCurley


Interior. Leather Bar.

Actors to watch: Maybe you’ve heard of this gay-friendly guy, James Franco? His longtime friend and sometime costar Val Lauren (above right) is an explosive talent worth keeping an eye on.