PHOTOS: Sexy Redheads Stoke A Fire In Our Loins

If there’s one modern trend that we simply do not get, it is the weird ostracism of redheads. It’s totally bizarre, right? Where did this even come from? (Racism.)

That’s why we’re tickled pink to see photographer Thomas Knights’ project “Red Hot,” featuring some highly fappable red-haired men. But this isn’t just about drooling over ginger hunks: Knights is on a mission to eradicate prejudice and brand redheads as heartthrobs. OKAY YES GO RIGHT AHEAD

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite of Knights’ shots, and also a couple more redheads we love, into a gallery below. Yum.

red hot red

One of Knights’ lovely models gazes majestically into the distance, wondering if he should put his shirt back on. (No.)


red hot blue

Another Knights image, featuring a freckly face that reduces us to mush. Also, can we talk about those lips?


GINGER-5988 - ginger boys

Woof, sirs. Woof. Two hunks at Cody Baynes’ party, Ginger, at The Eagle in L.A. Nice of the one on the right to dress up for the occasion.


GINGER-5799 - matthew dave and kenneth

What was that saying about blondes having more fun?


GINGER-5780 - ian

Another shot from Ginger at The Eagle, where the manliness is so intense we grew a mustache just looking at this.



Well helloooo sailor. Okay, maybe Conan isn’t as heartthrobby as some of the other boys in this gallery, but funny is sexy too. Also the gallery was a little short on pit hair, so there you go.



This dapper young person’s name is Chris Lawrence, and we featured him earlier this year. Our crush has not subsided, which means it must be true love. Chris, let’s make out and wear all of our collared shirts at the same time.



More of Chris, wearing his favorite pair of EVA underoos. Chris was established in 1987, the same year as rotten Cheers spinoff The Tortellis.



And here’s one more, this time with a little upskirt potential. But ugh is that a cigarette? Okay, crush over.


We were going to post a photo of Kennedy Carter here, but the only one we had handy was full of peen. You’ll have to Google that one on your own.




Here’s Joe Kennedy III, looking pretty grand. He was in the Peace Corps, was an Assistant DA, he assumed Barney Frank’s seat when Frank retired, and he is a dreamboat. He is also married — to a woman! — so, feh.


blu kennedy

And here’s Blu Kennedy, who is not, as far as we know, a member of the Massachusetts dynasty. He retired from porn in 2011 to “focus on other things,” which as it turned out meant becoming a pilot. Redheads! Is there anything they can’t do?

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  • Harley

    Queerty forgot the hottest redhead of all! Prince Harry. Yum. I’m waiting to play some pool with him.

  • middleagespread

    Chris Lawrence is so damn sexy. I’d rub suncreen on him everyday for protection. ;-)

  • Dixie Rect

    Is the ‘est 1987’ a real tattoo or just something put on for the photo shoot? If its a real tattoo, ugh. Guess he won’t be able to lie about his age in the future on his grindr profile.

  • justdume

    So why mention a photographer when you clearly have different photographer’s pictures. Clearly the best shots are Eli Hue’s pics of Chris are amazing!!! but he gets no mention. I’m not sure why when all of his pics are tagged. I love Chris’s photos! well Eli Hue photos of Chris!

  • Lifepathnine

    I kinda like Sean Harris from HBOs Borgias, and the ginger I met on Grindr over the summer, but you wouldn’t know him. :)

  • Alan down in Florida

    Things are changing. Watch a day of commercials these days and you find a redhead (all ages, genders, sizes) in 3/4 of them. Used to be you never saw one in the media.

  • Gregg

    Harley #sexiest redhead of all, Prince Harry… Forgot to mention, Harry’s also the wealthiest bastard in the world! heh heh

  • Rockery

    All ugly… sorry (and not because they are red-heads)

  • CMObrero

    @Harley: You mean Seth Fornea?

  • buckyr64

    Why does Queerty almost exclusively focus on twinks? How about actual Men who are gingers; M. Fassbender, Patrick Wilson, Cole Hauser, I mean not everyone has to be a twink or bear to count. Really?!! Enough already with the boy bodies!!!

  • Bumper

    The very article points out that redheads are a bit more marginalized in the sexy arena. But I agree with two other posters, #1 Prince Harry is Hot, #2 Come on with the twinks! That said, when you see a hot read head, he is likely to be just that. Hot. A furry one works better! LOL

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