PHOTOS: Sexy Studs And Their Feet Have Us Reconsidering Our Feelings About Foot Fetishes

Podophilia (not to be confused with pedophilia) is defined as “a pronounced sexual interest in feet,” and is more common than you might think. Countless books, websites, and even a Wikipedia page have been devoted to the subject. It’s been said that foot fetishes are the second most prevalent fetish in the world after breasts.

Of course, there are varying degrees of foot fetishism, ranging from casual fascination to tickle torture to foot worship and beyond.

Scroll down to see photos of men and their feet and let us know what you think: Hot or not?

 Photo credit: Las Vegas Man Paws

Photo credit: Gay Tube Socks

Photo credit: Las Vegas Man Paws

Photo credit: Dirty Male Feet

Photo credit: Lil Foot Freak

Photo credit: Sexy Men’s Feet

Photo credit: Las Vegas Man Paws

Photo credit: Men Sexy Feet

Photo credit: feet2eat

Photo credit: Men Sexy Feet

Photo credit: Muscle and Nerds

Photo credit: Sexy Men’s Feet

Photo credit: Smile4fetish

Photo credit: Men Sexy Feet