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  • Tony

    Okay, after a roll with that, I would suspect one would need a good bath and a visit to the health clinic for a series of tests..skanky.

  • Spike

    Why is he sticking his ass out so far instead of standing normal? Model pictures can always make people look better or different. My little brother had headshots done and I was looking at the pictures with no idea it was him.
    FINALLY, if you really want to, there were naked pics of Kennedy on line. From a movie, full on frontal. He actually looked like he had a good size cock.

  • Jay

    Seriously! more porn models???

  • Tommcat1963

    Very Sexy… Woof. :)

  • dvlaries

    Nowhere will you get tired of tattoos quicker than watching even a modest amount today’s gay porn. If I want a title where none of the guys is marked up, I’ve got to start about 2000, and search backward, because there’s no escaping them in what is being produced today.

    And that’s it exactly. They’re so everywhere now, there’s nothing exceptional about them, and getting one or more is an outright bow to conformity itself. (Piercings? Same thing.) Doubtlessly, every man -straight or gay- thinks his are unique, but strip 6 to 9 of them and toss them all in the same movie, and all that shit looks the same.

  • Kennedy Carter

    Tony that’s a pretty ugly assumption.

  • Gay Veteran

    I never heard of the guy but I’m definitely going to google him.

  • Anthony

    Having followed the guy on twitter and spoke to a few people who have met him, I can definitely say there is nothing skanky about Kennedy Carter whatsoever. And Tony, surely if you were regularly practising safe sex then there would be no need for a visit to the health clinic. Perhaps someone is projecting their own self-hatred onto others.

  • Kyle

    Before you bash or judge someone you should find out who they are, I’ve met Kennedy in person and he is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, his job does not determine who he is! He’s also an amazing scholar, and humanitarian! He’s like the mother Teresa of male models!

  • Tom Breston


    You are a fucking idiot. Not everyone has the same exact tattoos, that is what makes them unique. I will admit a lot of gays have horrible tattoos but this kid actually has good ones. If you don’t want to see them then try being social and having real sex instead of hiding in your basement beating your dick to porn because no one will have sex with you.

  • Frank

    Not really into the “serial rapist” or “ex-convict” look…next !!

  • PJ

    So its safe to say that Tony is waaaaaaaaaay off the mark here! Lame!

  • James

    Kennedy Carter is super hot!!!! is a shame he poses for a bad photographer
    Ryan Pfluger the worst photographer in bk, overrated, bullshit… Stop retouching

  • Taylor

    Kennedy has hot tattoes,
    Ryan needs to remove his tats, good thing he is making money now, he can pay to cover :)

  • ryan pfluger

    @James: It’s a shame you make statements that are so ill-informed. You don’t have to like me, but I don’t actually retouch anything. Everything I shoot is on film and looks exactly how I shot it.

  • Nicole

    You’re really going to judge people by a few photos or their career choice? So every retail worker is too stupid to get a “real” career? Every garbage man and janitor? Please. The guy has made a name for himself in this industry and is doing wonderfully. He also, somehow, is able to juggle that with being a student-and managing to get good grades. He’s an intelligent, caring person. And honestly tell me you’ve never taken a somewhat sexual photo? 
    Tattoos are unique to each person. I believe he’s actually said each one means something to him. So if you can’t see the reason behind the tattoo, that’s not his problem.
    If you’re attacking him, one of the most genuine, wonderful people I’ve talked to in a *long* time, then maybe you should take a look at yourself. You probably are just upset that he has the confidence, and ability, to do what you can’t.

  • James

    awwwww haha, you are so sensitive Ryan, it’s cool it’s just not good photography, I don’t know you to dislike you.
    lose the ego sweetheart. Kennedy Carter is hot! not you :)

  • Nick D'adamo

    Hot Porn star! Bad photographer :( A big fan of Carter, he is so hot in his porns and other pics in his blog, these images are not flattering.

  • Nick D'adamo

    a better edit next time Ryan, keep it up

  • [email protected]

    My screen name speaks volumes of my character.. Everyone is in titled to there own opinion. we However should be cognizant that those that judge will also be judged harshly.. If you can’t give KC any credit for his work just ignore him.. I on the other hand adore him and a loyal fan.. I’ve seen man unflattering pix of celebs.. These pix of KC are great… I’m pretty sure the people that made ill comments fuck with the lights turned off.. Ryan you can take nudes of me any day of the week… Even at my worst you would find the best angle/light to capture my best.. lastly, KC & Ryan will go down in history, I will on the other hand go down on either of them. The few hecklers will have to wait to see it on free tube porn and beat off alone.. Piss off HATERS!

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Tom Breston: oi there’s nothing wrong with hiding and beating your dick to porn because no one will have sex with you.
    dvlaries is a self righteous judgemental c*** sure but that’s no reason to insult those of us who keep the porn industry going :P

  • Marty

    Kenny is a hot man. These are horrible pictures.

  • Tom Breston

    @Jimmy Fury: You are correct. I admit I worded that wrong. There is nothing wrong with watching porn at all. I do it as well. My point, that got a little lost, was more so, “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it”.

  • Pickles

    Kennedy is gorgeous, smart and a unique spirit in and outside of the porn world from what I’ve observed of him and learned through mutual friends.

    He’s also a university student in the UK who manages a modeling, porn career and has a FOXY LIKE WHAT boyfriend in NYC.

    He has diverse interests and can speak intelligently about a variety of topics and seems genuinely interested in the the world (something you can’t say about many young folks his age, even those in college)

    If that’s not accomplishment and drive, I don’t know what is.

    He is also sweet and self-effacing in person and very down to earth.

    Just like EVERY OTHER PROFESSION, you can’t tell the character of a person by their job. It’s ridiculously shallow and arrogant to think you can.

    I don’t know when it became so common place to “shame” folks who work in the sex industry amongst lesbigays but I find it disturbing, unsettling and incredibly old-fashioned.

    There will ALWAYS be a market for sex work and there will always be a wide variety of people who participate in that line of work (just as there ALWAYS has been)

    All lawyers aren’t lying cheating thieves and all porn performers aren’t ignorant slappers.

    He seems like a great choice for Morning Goods and if he’s not your type, then I’m sure another candidate will be.

    I think diversity is good thing (even when oggling sexy boys).

    Now let’s get some Morning Goods lezzies up in here! (Yeah, I said it.)

  • Why

    While I think he’s generic as all get out, I won’t argue the merits of the “model” himself. However, this is the most craptastic set of photos I’ve seen. Did you rifle through the files of a high school photography class? Having a fucking iPhone, people, doesn’t make you a photographer, regardless of how many instant texture effects you can add. Similiarly, this work is puerile and lazy in that “I meant for it to look rough so it had that grungy edge to it” way. Shite. Total shite!

  • [email protected]

    @Spike: @Why: Pickles I totally agree.. Why…. enough said! could your head go any further up ur ass?Calm down.. Go suck something! Maybe if ur mouth is full we could shut you up! iPhone pix or single use cam the object in front of you makes the photo pop. I don’t care how crappy you think the photographs are, by saying so is a huge insult to HOT ass KC.. Trust me he has taking better, however these aren’t as ghastly as you claim.. Dude #getoveryourself!

  • Steveo

    Is he gay???

  • Tony

    I think the term “judge” is loosly thrown around these days. To “judge” implies comdemnation. I don’t condemn anyone for career choices…I may disagree with it or think you’re stupid for doing so, but disagreeing, disliking, or even disapproving is not judging!! That said, FYI, I place retail workers, garbage men or janitors way above any porn performer..I don’t care what they look like. I find gay porn a low sleezy industry that attracts sleezy people. (I think prostitution is pretty sleezy too, but I think it should be totally legalized…so there, I’m no prude) I don’t care how good they look, or how upstanding you think they are. But I don’t judge them for doing it..they have every right…just as I don’t judge you for placing such people in high regard.

  • StevenW

    I don’t like these photos – they have the model at such an awkward angle against the wall so it actually manages to make him look like he has a belly, even though he plainly hasn’t got a shred of body fat.

    In fact, I’ve just googled this guy and he has great muscle definition (good arms, great abs and pecs) so its pretty amazing that these photos have managed to remove any trace of it all. Flabberghasted.

  • Nicole

    @Tony: I never said you were prude. I shouldn’t have said judge, make assumptions might have been better. The point is, you don’t know him, or his reasons for being in the industry.

  • dazzer

    Ummm… I know I’m going against the grain here, but I really like the photos. They’re not portraits of a porn model, they’re pictures of a man. The images don’t make him out to be something none of us can aspire to (unlike most shots of porn stars), instead they lay out his beauties and flaws in stark black and white. I think the photographer and his model have done something rather intelligent and beautiful. OK, I know no-one is likely to wank off to these pictures (which is kinda the kiss of death for a porn model), but several of these images did just make me stop and think for a moment – which no porn shoot has ever done.

  • Alex

    Models never smile :(

  • Oilgun

    I’m with Dazzer, I think the photos are quite good I find them strangely compelling and certainly more sensual then the typical porn shoot. These are art shots, not porn shots

  • alan Balehead

    so fine..hit a gym if you are socially challenged!!!

  • brad

    He’s FAT!!!!!!

  • Ronbo


    That’s a mirror you’re looking in.

  • ewe

    eh. i can’t stand these teasing photos. Just show the shutzpa and be done with it.

  • ewe

    @Kennedy Carter: Don’t get me wrong. I think you are attractive but i think if you are gonna grab your dick you should show it too.

  • Ben K.

    @ewe: Because this not a porn site.

  • ewe

    @Ben K.: lol. says you.

  • ewe

    @Ben K.: I thought it was supposed to be Art. The male anatomy fits that bill much more than a pair of black jeans.

  • Kennedy Carter

    Tony, in your life have you really met that many porn performers? You say that porn attracts ‘sleezy’ people (you might wan to check the spelling on that one son), whereas my experience is that I have met a lot of upstanding, creative and interesting people who have very varied lives outside of their porn career.

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