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  • Steven


  • Alexander

    WOW! Almost perfect..
    Almost – because there is no limit in perfection :)
    Triple [MORE PLEASE]!!!

  • julilove

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  • Blaine Ward

    @julilove: Another spammer. Get lost!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    He almost looks like a grown up version of that kid Lucas with the Nintendo Power Glove from “The Wizard” (1989) with Fred Savage.

  • brian

    I def prefer this one hairy vs. waxed. Much more sexy that way.

  • jackpacer

    After you all finish with your morning wood, please take a minute to do something very important. There is a story on here about Brian Fisher, AFR talkshow host. This guy hates gays in a way that is almost suspicious, “protests too much”. Anyway, he and AFA will be using their resources to help some congressman from Texas to pass a bill ofdisapproval for judge Von Walker, with the hopes of impeaching him after the mid-term elections. This Brian Fisher douche along with AFA is VERY DANGEROUS. But there is something we all can do and I did it this morning and it took 5 minutes. Go to website, clink on the consumer link, then the file a complaint. The process is very easy. One of the reason the FCC allows as a legitimate complaint is biased and distorted reporting on the news to achieve a certain agenda. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT BRIAN FISHER AND THE AFA DOES. If enough of us file complaints with the FCC, the AFA will be fined or legal feed out of existance, they’re on a shoe string budget anyways. THIS WILL WORK AND ITS SO EASY.

  • Jack E. Jett

    100 percent spitfuckable.

  • jimmy

    I don’t find him attractive but 8 is AWESOME!!!

  • gilber


  • Stephen

    He is definitely cute, but I always get a little bummed when I see a guy with small nipples.

  • NAP79

    #8 is the best! Keep the hair!

  • J.

    One of the sexiest men I’ve seen in my life :)

  • adam

    wow seriously? he looks absolutely horrendous in #8. the body isn’t bad, but that face and hair….

  • J.


    I said ONE of the hottest..not THE hottest. But yeah, he is very,very sexy…just something about him…

  • drew

    i like 18.

  • BK

    I like 14. A lot.

  • SteveDenver

    Very handsome guy, but there is nothing natural in his poses. Looks like he holds his breath, which always makes poses look strained.

  • nineinchnail

    That first picture got my balls tingling by imagining having his hot thighs wrapped around me head forcing me to submit to his cock. Nice to see pics of seemingly normal guys who arent overly pretty. Oh, btw, can we have pics of more hairy guys with muscle. Very hot.

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