Avengers Assemble

PHOTOS: Spidey, Cap, Wolverine And Other Heroic Hunks From Marvel Comics Movies

We’ve already got our ticket to a screening of The Avengers tomorrow night—we’ve been waiting a lifetime to see our favorite heroes assembled on the big screen.

But there’s another reason to get excited for the highly anticipated superhero flick besides the fulfillment of our fanboy dreams: The possibility of seeing lots of chiseled man-flesh, courtesy of Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr,  Jeremy Renner, , Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and a CGI Hulk (What? don’t judge!)

Just in case the film doesn’t deliver the goods, though, Hollywood.com has pulled together a handy list of shirtless scenes from Iron Man 1 and 2, Captain America, Thor and the other Avengers prequels—complete with timestamps for when the hero busts out of his oppressive Brooks Brothers button down.

Captain America: Sadly, half of the skin-baring is when Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is still scrawny and not the buff Captain who rushes off to save the day. However, when he’s fully grown, he’s well worth watching.

Timestamps: 8:14 – 9:06 (this is scrawny Steve, but takes place in an Army recruitment office full of gorgeous boys and without a shirt in sight)
32:55 – 33:45 (scrawny still)
37:00 – 37:39 (now there we go!)

The feature focuses specifically on shirtless scenes—and is limited to Avengers prequels—so we thought we’d open things up a bit with a slideshow of beefcake pics from from X-Men, Daredevil, Blade, Spider-Man and other movies based on Marvel characters. They weren’t all winners at the box office (Did anyone see Thomas Jane in The Punisher?) but they all gave us plenty to look at.

Click through for more images of Marvel characters in the movies


Photos: New Horizons, Artisan Entertainment, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Columbia Pictures


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  • I get it too

    Chris Evans looked great in Fantastic Four (see photo #4). Now he just looks like a steroid freak to me, sorry to say.

  • Talk to the hand

    That photo of Snipes fighting that guy is hilarious!

  • Barca

    Kinda with you @I get it too: My opinion he is the hottest guy out there, I just watched Fantastic Four with no sound and messed up Closed Captioning just to watch him. Captain America makes him look all roided out, maybe the role required it? His photo shoot from (was it GQ?) he looked hot again.

  • timncguy

    @Barca: Well, too bad they chose a pic of Chris Evans from Fantastic 4 here that hides his furry pecs. There were better pics to choose from that show more of his body.

  • EvonCook

    I certainly don’t want a robot, machine, bull or tank –prefer the softer, natural boys with some sensitivity who keep their hair about them! But have enjoyed my share of footballers, hard dancers and sexy swimmers.

  • LongIslandGayPhotos

    I have not seen his Spiderman performance yet, but Andrew Garfield gets my vote! I’ve seen him in other movies (wish I could remember the names, but one was a UK film where orphan children were being raised as organ donors).

    My second choice is the first Spiderman, Tobey Maguire.

  • JR

    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine….WOOF !!!

  • Oh, ok

    @I get it too: No he doesn’t. Try visiting West Hollywood to see steroid freaks.

    He beefed up for the role, but normally he seems to prefer being a little thicky like a cub which makes him incredibly hot. Try watching him in “The Losers”, he’s unbelievably hot in that movie.

    I don’t think movie stars nowadays use roids and if they do they must be getting the “proper” dosage because they don’t look like ripe sausages about to pop out of their skin.

  • freddie

    @LongIslandGayPhotos: The film is Never Let Me Go, based on one of my favourite novels!

    And Chris Evans in my opinion is probably the hottest male celebrity. His brother’s gay, so fingers crossed.

  • Paco

    Ryan Reynolds shirtless scene at the end of Wolverine: Origins as Deadpool FTW

  • Marlene

    When are we going to see something on the ladies?

    Halley Berry as both Storm and Catwoman? Jessica Alba as Sue Richards/Invisible Woman? Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow?

    C’mon boys…. the world doesn’t revolve around you or your pecs. Equal time for us dykes too, dammit!

  • Lefty


  • J Ascher

    Thomas Jane was HOT as The Punisher. It’s too bad the movie generally sucked. John Travolta’s performance in it was excruciating to watch!

  • Mr. E

    Where is Thor?! Chris Hemsworth with the long hair, beard, and nice biceps! Loved him in Thor AND The Avengers! Hottie hot hottie :p

  • DouggSeven

    Stop calling Andrew Garfield sexy. Sexy, he is not. And Tobey Maguire? Yuck! Clearly, someone has a fetish for anything under 30.

  • nineinchnail

    @J Ascher: Anything with Travolta is is unwatchable. Same goes with Tom Cruise. Spot a link there? Thomas Jane is SMOKING HOT, Andrew Garfield is cute (thats it…cute), Chris Evans looks better with his hairy chest and Hugh Jackman could ragdoll me round my bedroom any day.

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