PHOTOS: Step Into The Colorful World Of Amos Mac’s Gender Non-Comformists

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“I’ve photographed a lot of transgender and gender non-conforming people,” Amos Mac tells Queerty in an exclusive interview. “That is who I’ve wanted to make space for in my work — and that goes with the entire concept around Original Plumbing magazine.”

Mac lives and works in New York City. In 2009, he co-founded Original Plumbing, quarterly publication documenting the culture of transgender men. His work also been featured in such publications as The New York TimesInterviewVogue Italia, and BUTT magazine. 

Mac says he likes to photograph “non-model-identified models.” His images often feature bright and, at times, jarring colors.

“My eyes just gravitate towards loud or inappropriate colors,” he explains. “50 percent of the time people style themselves for my shoot or show me choices and I go for whatever color reminds me of a sugary kids cereal box cover.”

A sugary kids cereal box cover, indeed! We love Mac’s sweet, sweet images.

Scroll down to see a sampling of Mac’s work, and see more on his website and Instagram page. And if you’re in Montreal, don’t miss his photos at Galerie L’Espace Créatif, on display through October 2.


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