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  • HayYall

    I’ll take two, can you have them delivered by 6 pm EST?

  • Schwingguy

    Very nice! My favorite so far!

  • dvlaries

    Everything we see here is superb but the question of whether he has a nice ass remains that. Don’t these underwear sellers want us to see the quality of both sides of their product? His name sounds gay porn-ready without any changes, unless somebody is already using it.

  • Paul

    Dude, If you’re gonna pull your pants down, then PULL THEM DOWN.
    (Or let one of us, but get on with it!)

  • hardmannyc

    DNA always gets THE hottest guys. Totally agree about the backside. I’m an ass man, so for me, it’s what’s in back that counts. Love the cover line: Have his abs. Uh-huh …

  • sal(the original)


  • unclemike

    Nice…er…helmet, Mr. Stone.


  • jake

    Where’s NOT the beef?

  • Rich

    Nice legs in #5.. wrap them around my neck

  • atdleft

    Yum! As soon as this DNA issue hit my mailbox, I couldn’t wait to open it! Matt Stone’s so RED HOT! This may be my favorite DNA issue yet. :-D

  • atdleft

    @hardmannyc: Yeah, what is it about those Aussie Queens getting all the hottest guys in the world to do photos for them?

  • alan brickman

    nice and yummy don’t be jealous…

  • jwalker666

    god…HOT HOT HOT. had a hard on the whole way through. love #2, 11….love to see the outline of the head!!


    Fantastic physique! Like another poster said, one of the best on this site! Muscular (yet not grotesque), and defined. Thanks for sharing, Queerty!

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