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  • matthew

    His photographer boyfriend is such a babe.

  • stevenelliot

    I know its “tha Style” but these new hair-dos are rampantly bad. Looks like they havent been washed in a week. yuck.

  • Dan

    He and the boyfriend are looking good!

  • j

    Bleh. Maybe in style where you are. No one here would be caught dead with their head under that thing.

  • dgz

    @j: not exactly “in style,” i’ve been to the salon where he used to work — they all look like that.

  • AD1972

    His hair is terrible. Its like the Williamsburg version of Kate Gosselins’ possum mullet.

  • Bad Boy

    Is it really Louis Vuitton in that bag? It looks like he just brought an old bag just to make whatever he’s carrying look like its from LV. Christian is a hoot.

  • prissysissy

    @stevenelliot: Was just about to ask if that hairstyle is in fashion now. :-)

  • kate

    His BF tweeted yesterday that they weren’t on set, they were there to visit Veronica Webb who lives nearby. So I’d wager the LV bag is just for bringing her dresses or something.

  • kevwynn

    you would think a “fashionista” would own a damn iron for his clothes,and the flock of seagulls look is getting real old

  • Gigglingfool

    4 is just terrifying, I’m sorry

  • OMG

    Christian would be sorta cute (sorta!) if he got rid of the severe glasses and the ridiculous haircut. I’d even prefer his boyfriend’s mop over Christian’s overstyled dyke-hairdo, it’s just not working on a man (or a woman, for that matter). And that smirk, that overly happy gay smirk…I realize he has a lot to smirk about, but just looking at that smirk and you know there will be at least a dozen brightly pink fluffy Gucci handbags rolling out of that mouth any time soon. Not fierce, honey…

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