PHOTOS: Swimsuit Models At L.A.’s The Abbey Are Hungry Like Vanwolff

On Friday Vanwolff, a new L.A.-based menswear company, launched its first swimwear collections at West Hollywood’s the Abbey.

A crowd of some 300 watched as the seven models sported more than 20 poly-nylon briefs and trunks from the inaugural collections. Prey, Vanwolff’s premium line, includes 14 aquatic animal designs embedded into the fabric, while both lines boast original quotes (“I Promise To Behave This Summer,” “Looking for Trouble,” etc.) woven into the drawstrings. Designer Andrew Maxin and partner Mark Waier, a former Ford model, were inspired to launch Vanwolff in order to bring some fresh ideas to bathing suits. They call their swimwear “uninhibited and ‘Cali-chic’ — something you’d feel confident wearing at the beach or lounging in at a pool party.”

 Photos: Gabe Ayala










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  • Peter


  • Andrew

    Why do I never get invited to these events?! Very nice.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Hot and fun!

    Next time I hope they hold an auction for the suits on the models — taken off to handover to the winning bidders, would raise a fortune for a good cause!

  • Spike

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: Even better, they bid on the suits and then the model wraps a towel around his waist, pulls off the suit and throws it to the winning bidder, but alas, that would only happen in Miami, here in LA, everyone of those models are actor wannabes and would refuse to participate in such and event as no one would take them seriously as an actor, thereafter, or so they would think.

  • D P

    My personal favorite: the blond guy standing in the line, far left, where the guys are arm-in-arm with each other. He’s next to the guy in white swimsuit with the 5-o’clock shadow.


    I’d rather say ‘Good morning’!

  • streeteditions

    Was that “Van Wooff?”

  • Immanuel22

    Wow, my partner and I were around the corner at Mickey’s that night. Missed this.

    Very hot models. Great looking underwear. But couldn’t they have included some Asian or Black guys?

  • Kit McCollum

    This is a better way to show photos.

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