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PHOTOS: Tahiti Welcomes Gay Visitors To The Place Where Fantasies Come True

eTq53dGmOU8Z72LcDQA_S7fZi6dpN6FL2MshNrYocl8Gazing out at the Tahiti coastline is as if you’re stepping into your screensaver…and then you learn this is where those images come from. It’s little wonder the Islands of French Polynesia are often considered “the honeymoon capital of the world.”

Each island is romantic, a “couples paradise” where newlyweds travel to post tropical honeymoon photos that are sure to make all of Instagram jealous.

There’s an iconic Overwater Bungalow that just celebrated its 50th anniversary and I’m told it’s been difficult to keep people out. “Are you kidding?” I ask. “At the Hilton, we’ve tried to arrange evening programs for guests, like presentations by famous authors or musicians,” Kim Marshall, a rep for the hotel chain informs me. “But it turns out they’d rather just stay in their bungalows and make love.” And in Tahiti, love is welcome.

Unlike in, say, Russia; Tahiti has a more evolved tourism model (shocking, right?). They actually want more gays to visit and think it would be beneficial to their economy and culture. “It is definitely on our radar,” says Jeffrey Crochet, Marketing Manager for Tahiti Tourism North America.

The Tourism Bureau has even launched a website specifically designed for the gay and lesbian traveler, cheering Tahiti as “such a gay friendly destination.” It’s worth reiterating that the country is under French law, in which marriage equality is legal.

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