PHOTOS: Take A Look At “Looking” San Francisco Premiere



The new HBO series Looking screened two episodes on its home streets at the Castro Theater this week, etching another mark on the bedpost of the historic Castro landmark. The stars and magic behind the production were present, including Tony Award nominee Jonathan Groff and producer Michael Lannan.

Get to know the characters of this epic new series, check out what it’s like behind the scenes and catch the official television premiere of Looking on HBO this Sunday, January 19th.

Scroll through photos below from the red carpet and VIP after party at The Cafe

photos credit dot429

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  • redcarpet

    I heard it was QAF with beards. I’m concerned but I’m still going to watch the shit out of it.

  • NG22

    These guys are hot as shit in my opinion. Love them all, especially Jonathan, but who is that mixed-race actor in the hat? Whoa he’s sexy. I hope his career really takes off. Best of luck to the show. I’ll set my DVR.

  • jimbryant

    This just looks like a collection of stereotype-followers, sad to say. Don’t gay men have an imagination anymore? It just seems that gay American men live in a gay bubble where life is followed according to a formula that covers everything from looks to where you socialize. Castro, for goodness sakes….

    Personally, I see nothing of cultural importance there. It’s also powerless. There is no power in following a stereotypical existence. Power comes from shocking and placing yourselves in unexpected situations that are confronting and compelling to those around you.

    I think the gay rights movement as a cultural force in America is approaching the stage of atrophy. It’s wasting away.

  • stranded

    I think that’s a b.s. label haters want to throw out to dismiss the show. It’s the same as saying it’s “gay-Girls” Compare it to something familiar to take away any originality


    I agree to a point. From the previews, i haven’t seen anything so great. It’s a romantic drama focusing on a group of gay men in San Fran. That’s it. As far as it’s cultural importance, we can’t judge that yet. Why hate on something that hasn’t even aired yet.

  • freddiebaker

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  • iMort

    If it has half of the charm of Queer as Folk I will watch it. That cast was amazing and the story lines interesting. I hope they don’t make San Francisco too pretentious.

  • iminloveithink

    When I look at this show, I look at myself and “unpretty” plays to make myself feel better. First impressions: shows like this make it easy to feel lost in the gay community. But who knows, have to give it a watch first.

  • Geeker

    Why is every gay show still set in SF? SF is now mostly rich white straight guys in the tech industry anyway.

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