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  • Chad Hunt


  • Taliaferro

    Have you seen the great amount of inked skin on the world’s top gay porn stars? Obviously tattoos and many of them, including large amounts of skin inked, are quite hot and fashionable right now. Would I kick this man or another with many/large tattoos out of bed? Certainly not. I have three tattoos and have had since 1990. While I am not going to add to them at age 63, I am glad I have them. No one has ever been repulsed by either my tattoos or piercings. It IS the 21st century after all.


    Tattoos, like gay men with tattoos, are HOT! Tattoos are here to stay. Visible tattoos in the workplace are becoming increasingly common. When the workforce is increasingly tattooed, more tattoos will be visible in the workplace. Don’t be a hater. Support tattoos in the workplace and in society!

  • stfallon1028

    Certainly not, I love tattoos and I am well on my way to inking myself up. If you think this is hot, check out European model Daniel Bamdad, he takes hot and heavily inked to a whole ‘nother level

  • TrekBear

    The arm tattoos are nice, but the script tattoos on his chest are off-putting.

  • Clint02

    So odd to read personal commentary in an “article” on this website. Dan, just write the stories with a positive view and without your personal feelings. Those who don’t understand ink tend to think its just decoration. Those who understand know that inking can be deeply personal, spiritual, and healing.

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