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  • Hmmmmm

    #4 photo…that’s a scary way to frighten crabs out of your underpants.

    “Come on out right now or I’ll start blastin’ !”

  • JKB

    ca marche.

  • James

    DAMN! thats a nice ass

  • Johnny

    QUEERTY–WHY do we have to click click click through a gallery of photos?
    Why can’t all the pics be in one blog post so its easier to see them all together.

    I know you want more clicks so your site looks like it is getting more traffic, but I honestly believe that more people would come to the site if they didn’t have to click through a slideshow of 20 every time they wanted to get to the actual “content” of a post.

  • rob

    Johnny, right on! A slide show would be even better, clicking takes too long and is inconsistent. Hot guy, tho!

  • Kurtsa

    He’s hot…

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