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  • Bitch, please!

    I am not a twink-lover, so these guys at their age now, look better to me. Too bad, I can’t stand their music!

  • J.Lowrot

    Which one is the gay one?

  • what

    Danny. The one hidden in the first shot is the gay one.

  • what

    Or shot 4 all the way to the right

  • Bill S

    I thought it was Jon Knight who was gay-or at least rumoured to be.

  • what

    Well, then the only factual one is Danny — maybe others too (not like there’s a rule on how many gays you can have in a boyband.)

  • MR


    You got the picture right, but the name wrong. It’s Jonathan who was supposedly outed last year. The pics you indicated are of Jonathan, not Danny.

    Jonathan was the quiet one who had anxiety attacks (or something) when they were touring. I speculated back then that it was related to him being closeted and so high profile.

    I was at a casino birthday party for Jonathan, after NKOTB had fallen from grace but was still performing, and he seemed like a nice guy. Strange mix of people, though: Half family and other local friends, and the other half guys who dressed like dorks and were constantly on their cell phones.

    Yes, I am appropriately embarrassed for knowing any of this.


    how about just guys on the block? they look better, but i don’t even remember their old music.

  • Scot

    Joey McIntyre still looks very do-able!

  • TANK

    Goddamn the irish don’t age well.

  • BitchFace

    Jonathan isnt supposedly gay. he is very gay.. and has a boyfriend. they were dguests at a tranny’s b-day party last weekend w/ perez/mario at Here in WeHo.

  • Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

    Don’t forget Donny Wahlberg said he was “theoretically bi” back when it was UNCOOL to go there…he’s awesome! Props!

  • L

    2nd one from the left is cute

  • Lakas

    i can’t tell which one’s who–why do all white people all look alike to me?

  • Addyboo

    LMAO Lakas. Amen!

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