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  • Drew

    Another beautiful Brazilian! He looks like a new Edilson Nascimento. I love that he posed intimately with another male model for Armani. Very Hot!!!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    It’s so much better when the shots are on location versus a white background. Sexy man.

    Matthew Rush –

  • terrwill

    Perfectuiolus!!! Jus can’t wait to see what the BOQB can find to nitpick ’bout this one…….

  • hardmannyc

    Chicken legs, no V torso, bland, bland, bland. Nice face.

  • dvlaries

    Tomorrow’s my birthday.
    Find me an Alessandro Calza-type.

  • Mike

    Nice legs, thank god no grotesque V torso, hot, hot, hot. Very nice face.

  • Lizcivious

    He’s a piece of heaven. If I were Madonna, I’d 86 Jesus for this boy!

  • CultureBear

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Could there be a more perfect specimen? Gorgeous in every way! Even the crappy hallway shots are stunning!

    Sorry Miles, no ass shots :(

  • Miles


    Thanks for the heads up! I was just about to check.

    Cheers to you!

  • McShane

    all those pictures, and not a one ass shot? Must be something wrong wiith him._ fat ass?
    Well he does look great tied up; that’s OK!
    Some people just don’t have broad shoulders for a v – shaped top.

  • yeah

    Perfection. Right up there with Edilson, although some of these shots were too artsy for my taste.

  • jmmartin

    Listen, this is probably not a good idea. Some of your readers are on heart meds and this kind of thing is not compatible with maintaining low blood pressure.

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