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PHOTOS: Tel Aviv’s Beaches and Nightlife Offer A Mid-East Oasis

tel aviv

A vibrant oasis in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is a city that never takes a break.

Despite the troubling headlines, there are gay people in this city who are out and proud. Tel Aviv even has an LGBT Community Center. The 50,000 gay travelers who visited the city during the past year are obviously enchanted and telling friends as the number of vacationing gays is expected double in 2014.

As thousands of people in the Israeli hot spot celebrate pride weekend, scroll through for some photos of this fascinating city.

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  • rcs831

    I love me some jew boys. Gods gift.

  • Sweet Boy

    Nothing I have not seen Barcelona or other places…and without the risk of going “Kabooom!!!” at anytime

  • Cam


    I really wish you anti-gay bigots would stop coming in here with this B.S.

    Gay Palestinians are subject to arrest, torture and murder in their own country. Israel grants them asylum and gay Palestinians flee there.

    You are defending a country that arrests and tortures gays and trying to say we should hate a country that protects gays in favor of a country where being gay is illegal.

    You should be ashamed of yourself bigot.

  • mattyhoff

    I was just in Tel Aviv and it was wonderful!

    A fun city in general, and definitely an accepting attitude towards the gay community. There were pride flags everywhere you looked.

    This is important for any country to be so open, but it is especially remarkable given that Israel lives in the only remaining region of the world where homosexuality is punishable by death! Shine on, Israel.

  • JohnQPublic

    You could ha

  • JohnQPublic

    You could have said the same thing about S. Africa’s beaches in
    the days of its ruthless apartheid.Full freedom in Apartheid Israel
    is for Jews, not Arabs.And outside the Tel Aviv gay bubble, radical
    orthodox Jews are as homophobic as any of their Muslim counterparts.

  • Charles The Great

    @JohnQPublic: I can tell you as a non Jewish Israeli, Israel does not even close to Apartheid. Apartheid was when 5% of South Africans rule over the rest of the population. Also there is no segregation in Israel and Palestinians are not Israelis since they want their own country who their leadership is not even interested in since they cannot profit from their suffering.

    Non Jewish Israelis make up 20% of the overall population and it is a growing population and we have the same rights to Jews. Jews and non Jews can enjoy these beaches together and they do and Palestinians go to these beaches all the time.

    I guess the QuAIA love these kind of stories and their irk and preach their their propaganda. For one the 2009 Gay center shooting was carried out by LGBT activists on a personal revenge attack. As for equal rights for LGBT Palestinians maybe the QuAIA should be demanding eqaulity by them even when 93% of Palestinians think LGBTs are immoral ( 60% of South Africans think the same.

    Wow! John please stop with these lies and you care about LGBT Palestinians why not ask the Hamas government or the Palestinian Authority to grant them equality under the law like Israel does to all of it’s population Jew or non Jew.

  • Cam


    Your bigotry is obvious. You are trying to tell gays, that we should support a country where we are arrested for existing, legally tortured and killed without repercussions because you seem to hate Jews or have an issue with Israel, a country that allows Fleeing gay Palestinians to seek asylum, gays can adopt, even gay foreign marriages are accepted and gays legally serve in the military.

    Sorry but if Holland and the Taliban got into a conflict and you came in here and said I”m supposed to hate Holland because they aren’t getting along with the Taliban, you would be a huge bigot and an idiot.

    Same here. Until Palestine stops arresting gays and woman have equality I don’t care. You want to support an anti-gay country. You are a bigot and obviously hate gays, or if you are gay, then you are so full of self hatred you are comparable to gays who would want to support the Westborough Baptist Church.

  • balehead


  • Freddie27

    Sorry, I’d rather not have my money contribute to the illegal occupation of Palestine and the brutal, right-wing Israeli regime that has no interest in peace.

  • Cam


    So then you are an anti-gay bigot supporting people who brutally arrest torture and kill gays.

    Supporting a country where gays are routinely killed with govt. support and attacking the country that gives fleeing Palestinian gays legal sanctuary proves to me that you are just an anti-gay bigoted troll on here trying to stir up trouble.

    Do you also tell women that they should support Saudi Arabia or Blacks that they should support the KKK?

  • Ilya


    Bryan but what about Palestinians who abuse human rights of gays and straight Israelis by constantly sending rockets at Southern Israel and having tons of suicide bombings in Israel in the past before Israel build a wall to block all the suicide bombings from happening and good on Israel for doing that.

    What about Arabs/Palestinians who abused and still abuse Jews to this day. Over 1.4 million Jews were expelled/kicked out from all the Muslim/Arab countries and lost everything when they first arrived to
    Israel. These Arab Jews have lived in those Arab countries for much longer even before Islam had existed so they were pretty much kicked out from their own native lands. To this day, Jews can’t even travel to some of these Muslim countries and that’s only traveling…forget about living in those countries. It would be very unsafe for a Jew to travel there especially for a Jew who practices Judaism and religious.
    And I doubt Jews can even travel to any Palestnian territories like Gaza And Ramallah

    and gay Palestinians are killed and targeted by their own people and family.

    So I’m guessing I should create Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement against Palestinians and Arab countries for having all those humans right abuses against Israelis and anyone who is Jewish.

  • Charles The Great

    @Freddie27: Abbas and Arafat steal from the Palestinian People and never give a dam about their rights just profiting off their suffering from people like you. Hamas government or Fatah have zero interest in peace since Fatah rejects every offer they get and Hamas does not even want it.

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