PHOTOS: The Australian Men’s Olympic Swim Team Goes All Baywatch

MORNING GOODS: Australia is surrounded by water, so it’s not too surprising it has one of the best Olympic swim teams in the world. But as these pics—shot on the appropriately named Manly Beach in Sydney—indicate, it’s also got one of the best looking. Here Eamon Sullivan, James Roberts, James Magnussen and Matt Targett give us their best Mitch Buchannon impressions.

Oh boys, we think we feel a cramp coming on.


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  • jj

    Take not fellow grindr/manhunt users. THIS is a swimmers build.

  • Robert from Brooklyn


  • Pete N SFO

    Queerty, could you folks check-in with Buzzfeed; they post so that you can scroll down rather than clicking thru photo to photo. Personally, I’d check out more if I could do so more quickly.

  • Ron Jackson

    Very Nice! Aussie boys are so hot! Yum.

  • iDavid

    Yowzers. I’d love to do a lap or two with those guys. Gurgle gurgle.

  • Ian

    Start at far right… Using tongue, work your way to the far left… Rinse, repeat…

  • Spike

    Thank the gay gods for the return of the speedo and discontinuation of those HORRIBLE full body shark skin suits !!!

    Four gold stars to JJ, spot on comment!

  • cam

    The accent from there is ridiculously hot.

    Has anybody else seen articles that Anderson Cooper just came out of the closet popping up all over facebook today?

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @cam: Yup, he came out to Andrew Sullivan on The Daily Beast.

    Let’s see how long it takes Queerty to brand him a hypocrite and a coward.

  • raisedsouth

    How much does it cost to ship them to America for a week and be my personal love/sex slaves? Seriously?

  • ggm

    @jj: THANK YOU!!!

  • sdartnut

    They are nice enough looking lads but who was the photog. This is the boring photo group I have seen in a major mag. Black suits and the same hands on hip pose? They look like a bunch of male nuns.

  • TonyTango

    Hurry!! Somebody get these guys a sandwich!

  • Toby

    mmmhhh…. Vegemite….

  • Barca

    @TonyTango: Stupid. These guys daily caloric intake is in the thousands, if not 10’s of thousands. They eat plenty of food, they just work it off. You can eat all you want and not gain weight if you’re an Olympic swimmer.

  • Charlie


  • ben

    lol exactly! a six pack should look like this, not like the result of a few six packs

  • Paulus

    I’m waiting for the announcement that one or more of them are gay. It happened when the last Olympics (China) closed and the swimmer, Throp? (spl). came out.? No matter, they are welcomed to our camp!

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @Paulus: The one furthest to the left. Defs gay.

  • p-candotorg

    BAD Photoshopping PLEEEEZE

  • Dirty Ole Man

    These pictures are why I still surf Queerty. OK, hon, we can skip the viagra tonite!!

  • Dirty Ole Man


  • Dirty Ole Man


  • Dirty Ole Man

    I got moderated for v-i-a-g-r-a?

  • Rev. Al Sharpton

    What, they couldn’t find any aborigine swimmers of color to photograph? Racism!

  • Triple S

    @Rev. Al Sharpton: Well, that’s because none of them actually want to do it or if they do; THEY AREN’T AS GOOD.

    So it isn’t racism. It’s simply depicting those who deserve the credit they are due. Even if the rest are shit, and I have yet to be proven wrong, why should they get a pic? This is based on how well these guys can swim, not on the colour of the skin.

  • omi

    nice pictures, but I would invest in a photographer who actually knows how to use photoshop, it’s very clear (in some pictures more than others) that the swimmers weren’t actually at the sea for the shoot…

  • EvonCook

    These are gods among men and should be worshiped, serviced and worshiped some more. What beautiful specimens and probably very, very tasty and fulfilling too.

  • D P

    If *I* were in this group, I would *not* be able to hide my reaction in the cover of a Speedo!

  • D P

    @EvonCook: — Oh, how could I miss responding to your comment? I completely agree with you, and would like to know where doe the line form?

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    Cute men. Boring photos.

  • stev

    @omi: This was shot on the beach so I have no idea what you’re talking about… I saw them shoot parts of it

  • Tim

    Michael Phelps who?

  • TonyC

    the styling could have been just a slight better with lighter bathing suits?? or that is the color for the Olympics?? but too dark for pictures….beautiful men

    Cheers Australia!


  • mdventura

    OMG – let the bidding begin. And, may we see the posterior view, please!?!

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