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  • nephilim

    i was there. it was my first try at circuit festival and it will probably be my last: overpriced parties and drinks; barmen that ignore you if you are not a gym queen; attendees that are either completely high, either openly aggressive or totally haughty. it left me an overall feeling of bad attitude, bitchyness and probably the worst vibes i had in life from a party.

  • dtpm

    I was not there but the photos speak for themselves.. what no average body atendees?? Only white muscle guys?? One black person accidentally photo bombs a photo from his side,lol!!! Homosexuals often times cry wolf on the same issues that ravage the poor social structure we[homosexuals] live in.. this not to misuse the word community. I’ve been to a number of these parties in the past.. its rare to find a good vibe and the last word that comes to mind is fun.

  • Milk

    Hahahaha this is funny. I was expecting to see some variation of sets, locations and decorations. Instead I could just use the same sets of photographs and write my own title on it.

  • Dante808

    Yay I was there and it was also my first Circuit festival. I would say this, it’s a wonderful environment to be around especially for gay guys, like me, who live in region’s where homosexuality is frowned upon and have no way to express themselves. To be around so many gay and gay friendly people with no judgement and so much acceptance was wonderful.The guys the photos don’t do justice to the guys at the party the are really handsome with prefect bodies.
    On the other hand I have to also agree with @nephilim overpriced parties,drinks,FUCKING high drug use by attendees,Dj’s that played music fit for a high speed racing sci-fi game and not jams for the dance floor,bitchyness( a muscle guy said to me “just because we are at the same party, what makes you think I would ever talk to likes of you”?) and total emptiness inside, lack of diversity(3-4 black guys including me). It got me thinking about the segregation that exist in the gay community. We are so heavily invested on the exterior( the muscle hunks like Franco’s Sagat or Eliad Cohen) that those who look anything outside this are considered less or treated less than. I went to this gathering thinking I could escape the people who hate me and call me an abomination only to be shunned and treated less than by those I thought would welcome me. Circuit festival serves it’s purpose for some but I am afraid I am not on that list.

  • Dante808

    @nephilim: Well said sir!

  • michael mellor

    Wow, a circuit party in Barcelona! [email protected] zombies who will [email protected] anything that moves, so long as it’s not over 30.

  • Black Pegasus

    @dtpm: As a man of color, I feel the same way. If the “gay community” wants change, then it should Be The Change and lead by example.

    @Dante808: wow! Did one of those guys actually say that to you? Usually with most white gay bars and parties, the racism and rudeness is rarely overt. But on some occasions it’s in your face. When I venture into a majority white club, the worse encounters I experience is usually from the bartenders. They ignore you unless your white with muscles.

  • vive

    My friend is from Barcelona and was there during this time. He also said the guys were unfriendly.

  • Saint Law

    @Dante808: “a muscle guy said to me “just because we are at the same party, what makes you think I would talk to the likes of you.”

    I would consider this apocryphal were you describing a woman rebuffing a man. But your average circuit kween is a whole world of hurt.

  • Dante808

    @Saint Law: It’s true and happened to me(a guy).I thought it was a joke, but he had a serious look on his face, his muscle friends too, even till i walked away.

  • Dante808

    @Black Pegasus: yeah he did. I do not see it as a race thing( my hopeful believe that we should all rise above racism) but as i do not look like all the huge muscle guys that frequent this parties. It did cross my mind at there were few black people at the event but i did not think my race would and should play a role at a big gay event like this.

  • Dante808

    @Black Pegasus: *that there…

  • Billy Budd

    I like to see go-go boys with perfect bodies. But they are HIRED and paid to be perfect. On the dance floor, I want to see real, normal, imperfect people like myself.

  • sesfm

    It’s a shame that, not looking like a model, I’ll never experience 75% of gay life.

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