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  • pierre

    For me, #2 and #4 are the best. Gorgeous! I’ll think I’ll skip lunch today…..

  • AshNYC

    #3–Grasan! Yeah, I won’t be eating after 7pm for the next 6 months

  • yaoming

    At least one of them (#9) had what looked like a little bit of fur.

  • JKB

    5 & 9 yum!

  • pastol

    Please God, or Santa, whichever is listening, can you put Josh Buscher under my tree this December? Or sooner if you can. Pleeeeeeease?

  • Jay P

    I always wondered how they made their bulge look so nice and symmetrical.

    Photoshop? Or padded undies?

  • Tommy

    My favorites are number 2=Andy Mills, 6=Nick Kenkel, 7=Josh Buscher and 8=Guto Bittencourt. I would love to take them all home and play with them. Andy and Josh’s smiles just make me melt. Usually I’m the dom, but Guto can have his way with me.

  • Clint

    Brandon Rubendall is the main reason I’ll be attending Broadway Bares: Solo Strips. After seeing him in a tight sailor suit in Anything Goes! I am so READY to see more! This tall glass of water could have me saying ANYTHING GOES.

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