PHOTOS: The Cute Shirtless Dudes of Occupy Wall Street

Over the weekend, we went down to Zuccotti Square to check out the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In addition to the dedication and civility of the diverse groups assembled, we were struck by one unavoidable fact: There were some seriously cute boys working the protest!

Hey, we get it: Wall Street is broken. The 99% are getting shafted. The banks and corporations are running amok.

But if we can’t fight the power and revel in a little male beauty—especially some un-manicured, fuzzy, soft, natural-body hippie beauty (one of our favorite flavors)—then, well, this isn’t any America we want to be a part of.

Click through the next several pages to meet some of these serious-minded shirtless dudes.


Images via David Shankbone, Dan Avery, Lawrence Ferber
























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