PHOTOS: The Cute Shirtless Dudes of Occupy Wall Street

Over the weekend, we went down to Zuccotti Square to check out the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In addition to the dedication and civility of the diverse groups assembled, we were struck by one unavoidable fact: There were some seriously cute boys working the protest!

Hey, we get it: Wall Street is broken. The 99% are getting shafted. The banks and corporations are running amok.

But if we can’t fight the power and revel in a little male beauty—especially some un-manicured, fuzzy, soft, natural-body hippie beauty (one of our favorite flavors)—then, well, this isn’t any America we want to be a part of.

Click through the next several pages to meet some of these serious-minded shirtless dudes.


Images via David Shankbone, Dan Avery, Lawrence Ferber

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  • FreddyMertz

    Very cute…okay this movement I can get into…not like the last one..shaved my balls for nothing…I was wronged! bill of goods.

  • Zen


  • Lefty

    Anyhoo, the dude on the front page can occupy my ass anytime he likes. :)

    Shame he wasn’t included in this main set of pics, which is a bit odd. #disappointed! >:(

  • Raquin

    Was there a reason to sexualize a political movement?

  • JayKay

    Why is everyone so pale and scrawny?

    Pride parades might be ridiculous, but at least the half-naked men at those things put in a bit of effort.

  • Aiden

    Only 6,11, and 15 were at all attractive.

  • #12 fan

    #12? OH! Bring me a block of marble and a hammer & chisel!


  • arandomthought

    You gotta wonder who’s the asshole walking around with his phone snapping
    pictures without asking if it’s okay. What a jerk. My guess is he is gross.

  • Lefty

    @Dan Avery: Thank you! :D xx

  • JAW

    guess my computer is acting up… missed most of the cute ones… most look kinda odd and dirty

  • Cam

    @arandomthought: said….

    “You gotta wonder who’s the asshole walking around with his phone snapping
    pictures without asking if it’s okay. What a jerk. My guess is he is gross.”

    Oh yes, because the LAST thing somebody walking around in front of TV cameras carrying a big sign wants is to be SEEN. (Eye Roll)

  • delurker

    where are the hot men of the tea party rally slide shows? 70 year old men in rascals and baseball caps…hubba hubba

  • Storm

    Okay, one or two of these guys are bedroom cute, but you’ve got to wonder if the cameraman had -any- criteria at all or if he just snapped any skin he saw. Were these the only fifteen shirtless dudes in the entire movement?

  • magnetic

    just like real porn: a bunch of white boys and a token or two. to all protesting POC, take off your shirts!

  • Zack

    and I was thinking it was just the gays in NYC that were getting more muggly.

  • shannon


  • Cinesnatch

    Yikes. Team Wall Street. j/k (well, sort of)

  • CBRad

    No 2 looks hot to me, but most of those guys look like the types only a hippie girl could love. Not that I don’t, generally, support these protests. Though I’m not sure I agree with the effectiveness of NYC protestors today targetting the homes of wealthy individuals.

  • ewe

    #7+#12 = DELISH USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J. Bocca

    Are you kidding me with this? This is why people think gay men “sexualize” everything. How very homo of you to pick out the “CUTE SHIRTLESS MEN OF OCCUPY WALL ST” GET A LIFE. And PS NONE were even cute.

  • Ken S

    @Raquin: A need to sexualize it? Everything in life is, at the very least, A) political, and B) sexual. Everything. And if everything is both of those things, they’re necessarily intertwined in some way, because politics and sex are both fundamental human experiences. The vast majority of us deal with others in power-dynamics (politics) and in trying to get off, often with an interplay between the two.

    If anything, the question that sometimes warrants asking is “was there a need to neuter, to sanitize, to de-sexualize [fill in the blank] when there are clear themes of human sexuality at play?” Recognizing it doesn’t “make a big deal out of it,” it’s just being realistic– denying it is what makes a big deal out of it.

  • Mark

    @J. Bocca: and str8 men don’t sexualise women? jeez……

  • Pocket Otter

    Unwashed hippies? Cute? Seriously? Bllleeeeccccchhhhh.

  • Brian

    #7. Enough said!

  • shannon's an Angry Bottom

    “THESE GUYS ARE DISGUSTING…..YOU MUST BE VERY DESPERATE TO THINK ANY OF THESE MEN ARE “CUTE”….GET A CLUE MEN…” — Shannon burped out as he dipped another Dorito into his guacamole filled navel while reaching for the half finished beer resting on his bloated gut atop a cum-splattered issue of MAD Magazine.

  • Gigi

    @Pocket Otter: “Unwashed hippies”?!?! You trying out for Fox & Friends?

  • BubbasBack

    They all look like they need a good scrubbin’. Is this the Hustlaball pt. 2? Burp…

  • Michael


    They’re scrawny because they can’t find jobs to feed themselves with. Hence the protests

  • delurker

    @Michael: dur dur so funnie durr

  • Pocket Otter

    @Gigi: No, I just happen to be a fan of showering, and of defecating in private. These morons at these protests are bemoaning corporations while texting on their corporation-made phones over the corporation-owned airwaves while sleeping in corporation-made sleeping bags while getting their message out via corporation-owned media. Someone who trashes corporations while utilizing corporations to spread their message is either a corporate tool or a die-hard hypocrite. Or, as is most likely the case, a bored loser who has nothing better to do than stand around “protesting” for a “cause” that doesn’t even exist. Give me a break.

    But it’s all good, because this afternoon I plan to gather a bunch of rocks from my yard and take them downtown and sell them to the “revolutionaries” as magic quartz that’s been blessed by Michael Moore as “anti-capitalist,” and what do you want to bet that those fools will scoop them right up for $5 apiece without any clue that they’re contributing to . . . capitalism!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    God, will someone please just napalm these future welfare-earners already?

  • ewe

    @J. Bocca: oh yeah right. We never see tits and ass and every wet fucking tshirt contest all over everywhere when it comes to titillating straight boys and their joy sticks. Fuck you.

  • Darling Nikki

    I work right pass there and they sexualize themselves on purpose for the message. There is sex under the tarps and bare chested women playing with hula hoops and very cute bois dancing in very little, no matter the weather or time.
    There is nothing wrong with sex. It has always served a function in protest. And they know and willingly pose for you with no problem. Sex has always been the most effective way to get a message across.

  • J. Bocca

    Listen, I’m a dude, obviously I think about sex just as much as the next guy. BUT I am not going to turn a political movement into my own little sexual fantasy. Lemme guess the two guys that responded to me probably have Grindr accounts with their gabbin Arsholes as their main pic. lol. Eff off.

  • Ashton cruz

    Unwashed broke guys??? No thanks, I’ll pass on this one.

  • Darling Nikki

    A lot of the protestors are gay/queer identified. They wear the signs and I see bois kissing enough too or very above the waist friendly. Yesterday as I passed by at about 6ish at night on my way to the subway, there was a lovely group of African American guys in their early 20’s, towards the front of Zuccotti Park – nearest Ground Zero Construction and the Burger King and where the drum circle is located – there talking about how cute one of them was in his jeans. And he was.
    Progressive people are not uptight about sex. Only closet-cased GOP kinksters who go to Minneapolis Airports for kicks have an issue with it.

  • Raquin

    @Ken S:

    While I am quite aware that life is inherently sexual, there is a big difference in permitting someone to post pictures of these men in a sexual context versus just being a creep w/ a camera and posting these pictures here without their permission. There are three people in that photoset who look like they actually knew photos were being taken of them. None of those men gave permission to Queerty to post pictures of their bare torsos or faces on this site. It’s not a question about why sanitize or neuter some realism, it’s a question as to what draws the line for people to have their bodies put on display anonymously for the viewing pleasure of others without their permission. These men are protesting and do understand that their photos and video are being taken of them, but they don’t know they’re being sexualized publicly and that is intrusive in some form. That is why I asked, why are we sexualizing a political movement when these guys who believe they’re standing up for their rights don’t even know that someone is intruding on them.

  • CBRad

    Hey, some guys like their boys a little dirty! Remember Oscar Wilde boasting of having had five working-class young men in one night? “I kissed each one of them in every part of their bodies. They were all dirty, and appealed to me just for that reason.”

  • Darling Nikki


    I see your point, but working in the area and seeing them constantly (as well as hearing and smelling them, and believe me you can smell them)they don’t care. And when you are in a public space, you do cede certain rights to privacy. There isn’t a street or corner of Manhattan below Chambers Street that is not filmed by private and/or public security systems. It may be creepy to some, so I do cede on that point, but if you put yourself out there, there is reasonable belief your image will be used in ways you may have not intended and a waiver is not necessary.

  • tookietookie

    This is like looking at caterpillars or something. I hope the sleeping bag is a chrysalis…hairy men should be older and bearier as the Good Lord intended.

  • matt

    @J. Bocca: So you could never see some straight men showing off a bunch of pics of hot chicks from OWS? I could easily see that happening and no one would bat an eye, why when it’s gay men posting it on here is it somehow related to some dumb stereotype?

  • Larry Flyny

    Excuse me, J. Bocca.

    Thank you.


  • Larry Flynt

    I hate iPhones.

  • doug

    Woof…I like #12.

  • DB

    @Ken S: Amen.

  • michele k


    exactly! thank you!

    This is not about some cute people! C’mon, people. wake up (or at least show some respect)

  • Bill

    Some might be anti-all corporations, but the bulk of the OWS/99% is not. OWS/99% is anti corporate greed, corruption and crony capitalism. There is no hypocrisy or contradiction in protestors or their supporters using products or services of big business as long as those businesses are run ethically and are responsive to the public. Plus, it is primarily the financial sector that has caused the bulk of the world’s recent economic ills, and a huge focus of this movement is to get people to move their money out of the big financial institutions, so they are pushng for practical solutions in addition to these public displays. Apple creates products that have real-world usefulness and which generate jobs. So someone using their iPhone to document or organize at an OWS rally is fine. On the other hand, Goldman and its ilk do nothing but move money around and make money off of money and, as anyone paying attention has been learning, they even have created ways to generate wealth for themselves but ruining the finances and businesses of others. They are parasites that might have once served a useful purpose but now are a danger.

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