PHOTOS: The Marvelous Men Of Walt Cessna

Walt Cessna has been a magazine editor, a model, a stylist, a club kid, a hustler, a junkie, a designer and writer. But we’ve known him best as one of New York’s hottest queer photographers, who trains his lens on the kind of guys you see hopping the L train to Williamsburg or riding their bikes on the Lower East Side. In honor of the publication of Fuckt 2 Star With, Cessna’s new collection of short stories inspired by his wild journey through the club-kid era of ’80s and ’90s New York, we’re sharing some of our favorite imagesby this jack-of-all-trades.

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Photos courtesy of Walt Cessna


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  • newportxwhore

    Pic 4 is nice

  • newportxwhore

    But I like 5 better

  • Tackle

    I would have liked to have seen more diversity. But some of pics are HOTT.
    Espically #7, With the fire crotch:-)

  • rozz01

    That first picture is Brett Gleason…

  • Glen

    I like picture #12 best….very cute

  • Mark

    So great to see real men with hair on their chests -the ink I could do without, but number 1, damn he’s sexy as…..

  • Bailey

    He’s a good photographer? Um… maybe if you are taking iphone pics for your facebook page.

  • till the world ends

    @Bailey: I was about to say the same thing! These pics are so amature. I could rip them apart. no correct lighting, got the rough rugged look but uninspiring. sorry for being harsh. There are so much better photographers out there gay working hard and don’t get a chance and these pics show up and suppose to be great?

  • Bailey

    @till the world ends: It’s like people are mindless sheep being told that something is the latest and greatest and they believe it when it’s obviously crap. Emperor’s new clothes and all.

  • arbiter

    Number 8 looks like if Jonathan Rhys-Myers and Matthew Lillard had a gay twink love-child. LOL

  • Seattlequeer

    @Bailey-I agree he’s a good photographer if you’re getting pics taken for Grindr! ;)

  • Eric in Chicago

    It’s amazing how many people these days consider themselves photographers but with very little talent for it.

  • rondo


    these guys are nasty

  • mark


  • pierre

    Most of these boys could use a good scrubbing. And I agree that this photog is nothing special. If this is the best NY has to offer, I’m glad I left years ago.

  • Eric

    Incredibly amateurish.

  • I get it too

    Only 4 and 5 look halfway decent to me.

  • Glenn

    @till the world ends: I think you better brush up on your spelling, grammar, syntax, English and typing skills before you broadcast your negative opinions in written words, hon.

  • Bryan

    Can’t remember the last time there was a morning goods article where the majority of the pics were hot, it’s just 1 or 2 out of 10+

  • Larkin

    @Bryan: The pics don’t have to be ‘hot’ to you or anyone in particular… if you judge them on that, it’s shallow. What should matter when judging a photographer, is not the hotness of the model but of the quality of the picture.

    These flat out suck!

  • Larkin

    Why is this crap even featured on the main page?

  • Jersey

    I always thought NYC was a melting pot, here its all twinky white guys. Things must have really changed since I was there last month.

  • Eric

    Truly, truly some of the worst photography I’ve ever seen in my life. There are kids 13, 14, and 15 who’d blow this guy away in terms of talent. These pics look like they were taken with a point and shoot.

    Oh, and the guys really aren’t all that much to look at.

  • Interesting

    @Jersey: Yeap, as I told the white guy who once told me he had never made any friendships (friendships – not sex) with any person of color (asian, latino, black, whatever) while living in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn Ny- “that takes a special talent”

  • Interesting

    Oh, and I agree- that’s some really bad photography.

  • LeNair Xavier


    I know I’m saying nothing new, but I agree with TOO MANY comments here.

    In regards to Walt Cessna’s photographic skills, I’m not impressed. But that doesn’t mean he’s not skilled.

    However Queerty, if you’re going to praise a photographer, considering how lacking diversity in media plagues our community, praise one with enough of an open mind to CELEBRATE DIVERSITY. You have chosen to praise the likes of someone who adds to the problem of lacking diversity. Therefore YOU Queerty, add to the problem.

  • Mdvanii

    A big loser himself, photographing yet more tattooed Beta male losers, all struggling to be someone for something. Very dull. They look all as if they are recovering from STDs and addictions,….but mostly it’s just bad photography. Any asshole with a camera can snap bad boy looking boys.

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