PHOTOS: The (Other) Reason People Care About Jeffrey Fashion Cares

GRATUITOUS SKIN — On Monday, Jeffrey Kalinsky’s hosted his seventh Jeffrey Fashion Cares gala, raising money for AIDS and stuff by auctioning off vacations and baubles aboard the Intrepid. Sure, Jack Mackenroth, Heather Matarazzo, Michael Musto, and Lorenzo Martone dropped in, but the event was really about the 40 male models strutting the runway.

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  • Joseph

    14 is gorgeous!!! I bet there is a beautiful hairy chest caged under all that smooth skin.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Some of these guys have really hot chests and abs, but probably need to do a bit more leg work. Nothing so odd as chicken legs on the bottom with side of beef on top.

  • Law

    9 & 10 … yes, please. He looks even hotter in 10 and it shows less than 9.

  • terrwill

    Can I get an order of #4 to go please? No need to wrap, I’ll eat him here…….. : p

  • terrwill

    @terrwill: Is that Ben from Americas Next Top Model?????

  • delurker again

    shame about 14’s tats. ruins an otherwise fine looking man.

  • aalan brickman

    legs need work…but #16 looks like he complains about the morning goods guys alot….

  • hardmannyc

    Totally agree with #2. Runway models always have chicken legs — major turnoff. Oh, and tattoos are HOT!

  • jeffree

    Tats are fine but they don’t age well. They fade & sag & stretch! Like old mattresses & hollywood celebrities….

    Jeff’s HINT OF THE DAY/NIGHT: never tattoo ur bf/gf’s name on u anywhere. When u break up u have to cover up “Christopher” or “Angelina” with tribal tatts or sea creatures that still, lets b honest, will look horrid!!

    Even if, well, poor Chris or Ange dies on u, well, thats just sad, so sad, & u don’t need the reminder when u r trying 2 find a replacement !!

  • Tackle

    Love the assets of the guy in the red in pic #13. Beautiful lower back to butt connection. Nice walkaway view.

  • LALAcleveland

    #14 is for sure the hottest/sexiest guy up there.

  • CultureBear

    Miles, you might like numbers 3 and 13 :)

  • Ruddigore

    #1 & #4 is Clint Mauro of the recent homoerotic Armani Exchange ads. #12 is Ellis McCreadie of past Abercromie ads.

  • Frozen North

    #14 is Andrew Stetson. He’s been on morning goods before.

    I think he’s about perfect.

  • ewe

    What gym is number 6 working out at? WOOF WOOF and DOUBLE WOOF.

  • Dave

    What swimsuit is #6 wearing?

  • Miles

    @CultureBear: Oh, how you spoil me! :)

    @Dave: Agreed LOVE the swimsuit on #6. If anyone knows please pass along the info.

  • Lorette

    14 Andrew Stetson is hot!

  • rcLoy

    #10!!! Chad White!
    #1~ Clint~ <3
    #14 is uber hot too. What a nice spread~

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