PHOTOS: The United For Marriage Rally At The Supreme Court

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PHOTOS: Queerty is down in Washington, DC, for the historic SCOTUS hearings on marriage equality. We joined up with the United for Marriage Rally in front of the Supreme Court,with demonstrators shouting “Gay, straight, black, white, marriage is a civil right!”  as speakers addressed the crowd.

Opponents of equality, meanwhile, marched across the street in front of the Capitol: Y’know, it’s one thing to see the enemy on television, but quite another to stare into their eyes.

One thing we couldn’t help noticing is that, while marriage-equality demonstrators had a panoply of unique placards endorsing the freedom to marry, the other side was mostly toting one red pre-fab poster “Every Child Deserves a Mom & Dad.” A lack of originality or a sign that their demonstration was just orchestrated by a few bigwigs at groups like the Family Research Council and NOM?

Above, Stuart and John came all the way from San Francisco to fight for their right to marry after a quarter-century.
Photos: Dan Avery



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Qween Amar dances in front of anti-equality demonstrators


“Traditional-marriage” demonstrator carrying a sign saying “Same-Sex Marriage is Not Marriage”


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GOProud President Jimmmy LaSalvia

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  • AdamK17

    Every kid deserves a mom & dad! Ban old people marriage too! They can’t have kids either!

  • Dixie Rect

    I’m surprised Queerty was even interested in covering real news items?

    Oh wait, maybe one of the demonstrators parent’s wrote a fake heartwarming note and slipped it into a coat pocket. Or maybe that fake ‘raising my rainbow’ kid and his fake mother had some fake, deep introspective thoughts on this event?

  • Daniel-Reader

    Opponents of equality showed their true colors. They don’t want gay people to reproduce. They don’t want the children of gay people protected. So, opponents of equality are guilty of genocide against gay people.

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