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THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS: There’s Nothing Cuong

UPDATE — Our weekend of showing thanks for all the hunks out there continues! More Classic Morning Goods for the entire family… or just your horny uncles. And out of slight fear of getting Dan Savaged (a.k.a. glitter bombed by trans activists…) we decided to bring you more diverse forms of beauty. We couldn’t get the rights to post photos of Kermit the Frog though. Miss Piggy hordes those cockshots with her life. So Mr. Cuong and his colorful body paint will have to do.

MORNING GOODS — That’s either some carefully placed body paint on Vietnamese model Le Trung Cuong, or some carefully placed forearms. Let’s see which?

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  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    The body paint is truly amazing. Such a handsome man also.

    Pat Bateman –

  • tanny

    are there 2 models?

  • terrwill

    My Favorite meal!! Sum Yun Guy : p

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    What a beautiful asian model to brighten our day. And what a SHAME this being a gay site not one FULL MOON shot. I can understand no erection shots but get real here. What is the harm of showing the cheeks of a handsome guy on a site aimed primarily at gay men?

    I have never understood the reasoning behind those decisions.

  • SouLKid

    This man is just oh so hott. I used to think (Bi)Rain was the hottest man i’ve ever seen but ..move over Rain.This man rite here is …he’s giving me everything.

  • chango

    This cheesy photo shoot puts to rest the belief that Asians are lactose intolerant.

    A veritable cavalcade of Asian tropes.

    Dragon Sword? Check. Koi fish? Check. Fu Manchu mustache? Check. Sumo wrestler mawashi? Check. Hand over mouth in display of subservient silence? Check.

    If you can stomach it to the final #21, you’ll be treated to the most ridiculous get-up since Ming the Merciless

  • dk

    They put black models in hip hop gear, i.e. gold chains, baggy jeans etc., white models in cowboy hats and all american boy next door wear, so I have no problem with the Asian art and samurai swords. He’s wearing other items in some of the shots, so I don’t see anything wrong with it. He’s a beautiful man, and it’s nice to get a break from the blond haired blue eyed twinks.

  • seth

    I honestly can’t believe some of the comments on here.

    Some of you guys are so incredibly ignorant and rude.

  • B Damion

    @Seth.. I agree with you. Yet these are the type of meen spirited gay men that have boyfriends?

  • Wilbur

    He went from sexy to sassy.

  • akn

    @Chango: Thank you. As a gay Vietnamese American, I can’t tell you how much the styling in these photos made me cringe.

  • terrwill

    @akn: Attention Photographer: Outdated stereotypes called……they want them all back!

  • tem

    wtf is this? degrading asians is not sexy.

    and if the title was suppose to be “theres nothing [ku-wong]” you are wrong. its is pronounced [kgueng].

  • seth'sbitch

    #13 is not the same model as # 1

  • AlanInSLCUtah


    Yes. Queerty peeps obviously need to go get their eyes checked.


    who cares about the paint job/getup. Them guys are gorgeous!

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    Do any of you “girls” who thought the shoot horrible care to share with the rest of us how you would have shot this asian model?

    I didn’t think so but I will be patient. Oh’ and by the way, anyone can claim to be ANYTHING on this board without verification. But since you volunteered to state your race please share with us how you would have done it if you were “forced” to work with an asian model.

    I think the shoot was wonderful, especially the tattoos.

  • Solis

    Was thinking about Italian for lunch …. but just changed my mind … definitely doing Asian take-out today!

  • Cassandra

    Let’s review the rules of presenting images of people from non-white ethnicities:

    If the non-white model is presented in any circumstance that can, by any stretch, labeled “white” culture, the photographer is a racist.

    If any element of design, art, history or tradition, etc. from the non-white model’s ethnic background is used in the photo shoot, the photographer is a racist.

    Even when the resulting photo’s mock, reject or condemn racial stereotypes, the photographer is a racist for acknowledging those stereotypes in the first place.

    Since this leaves no discernible way to portray non-white models without being labeled a racist, many photographers and editors try to avoid controversy by using the one group of models anyone can freely exploit – those of european descent. But that makes them racist too, supposedly.

    Folks, when you create a damned if you, damned if you don’t situation for photographers and editors, don’t be surprised if you get left out of the picture completely.

  • hardmannyc

    Wow, he camps it up in a few photos and the p.c. police are all over it. Did you ever think maybe he was SENDING UP those images? Get a clue — and a sense of humor.

  • Jon

    @Cassandra: I tried to comment but couldn’t. ..Cassandra made the point. . . if my Japanese husband covered me with art depicting my russian/swede heritage I’m sure it wouldn’t make anyone call a race card. . .but ..then. .nobody would want to see an old naked man painted with . . .anything.

    The painted photographs are beautiful. Art and reflection of cultural heritage is being undermined with an overzealous need to be politically correct.

  • Jon

    oh . . .and did I say that these photo’s are beautiful?

  • Austin

    Beautiful man, well crafted photos, very creative.
    The body painting images remind me of the creatures
    in the anime film “Spirited Away”.

  • chango


    Except, Koi fish, Sumo, and Fu-Manchu aren’t Vietnamese, they’re Japanese, Japanese, and a racist fictional character created by the English, respectively, so I’m not sure how that’s a reflection of the “model’s cultural heritage.”

    And, for the record, my original post wasn’t intended to be a political critique so much as an aesthetic one.

  • Jon

    @chango: You’ve obviously missed the entire point of my earlier post.

    Don’t make up quotes & put words in other peoples mouths. Nowhere, did I say ” “model’s cultural heritage.” “. You made that bullshit up.

  • chango


    oh, so sorry.

    Who’s “cultural heritage” did you mean then?

  • Jon

    @chango: don’t bait what you can’t fish.

  • chango


    Why fish, when I can shoot into the barrel?

    So I take it from your ad hominem dodge, that you don’t have an adequate reply to my question “who’s ‘cultural heritage’ did you mean?”

  • mark

    Exceptional model, some photos are much better than others, and those got clicked and saved.

  • JonDorian


    First of all, thanks to Queerty for the gorgeous representation. It’s nice to see something else for a change besides the usual.

    Secondly, while I’m a fan of the artistic body paint here, I feel that the only thing that’s perpetuated here is the notion in mass media that an Asian needs a reason to be there otherwise he is rejected and the premise of the work looses its believability.

    While of course the context of this shoot is unknown, I can definitely understand Jon’s feelings on the subject. Asian Americans are in an odd place in the American demographic. We’re under-represented in media, we have to go through websites looking at headlines like “no fat’s, fems or asians” (with due props to Alec Mapa), we don’t have the same protections under affirmative action; in fact we are pitted against other minorities under affirmative action so that a 15% populations in universities means the rejection many asians after the fact. This is true for schools like UC Berkley, Princeton, Stanford, Harvard and Brown. Essentially putting us in a double bind situation where we were at the same “disadvantage” of white people but didn’t have the representation or the voice to really get noticed.

    I’ll say without any bitterness or exaggeration: 10 years ago, no one in my age group (that would be 15) gave me a second glance (and I consider it a blessing and a curse that 10 years later, I don’t really look all that different).

    Gradually, however, things got better and it wasn’t odd to meet someone who found us attractive. I’m glad we can be seen as sexy or attractive now, much more so than we were in the 90’s when you didn’t need an asian in a movie unless there was some wire-fu going on… oh wait, that’s still going on.

    Anyway, in the grand scheme of things I’m optimistic, pictures like these – while very slightly questionable – are still going in the right direction for us. I’m now confident in myself and my appearance and am enough so to smile and walk away whenever someone approaches me with that wonderful pickup line: “I’m not usually into asians but…”

    Cheer up, Jon. Progress is progress.

  • Jon

    @chango: Model=Canvas. Photographer=Artist. . .sure, it’s not Mapplethorpe, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater until you put the photographer and his/her intention and vision into the wash.

  • Sexy Rexy

    There’s Nothing CUONG? Who comes up with the captions/headlines for the photo essays? Bob Saget? SHOOT this guy – he sucks.

  • Jeff K.

    Ph?-king hot!

  • Jeff K.

    So much for special characters. That’s supposed to be “Pho.”

  • chango


    Very well stated.

  • tommyb

    so hot!

  • Greg

    I’ll volunteer to re-paint Mr Cuong with less stereotypical images anytime! :)

  • alan brickman

    very attractive don’t be so jealous….

  • Monsieur Wasabi

    He shouldn’t wear so much makeup!

    He looks best in 7 and 8.

  • Hyhybt

    Is the lesbian version of Morning Goods dead again? Just curious.

  • OhYeah

    eating too much soy will give u small dicks, that’s why most Asian men have them small. So stop with the insanity of soy!

  • MissGluteusMaximus

    ooh me so horny me love you long time!

  • Marcus

    @OhYeah: You freakin’ IDIOT!

  • Dirty Ole Man

    ** rolls eyes **

    Ah yes.. Once again, this threads proves that most of
    you sullen whores only see the world through the prism
    of RACE. All of the comments about this young beautiful
    man makes mention of his ethnicity. Notice when a WHITE guy
    is posted, NO ONE highlights his Race! The comments speaks to
    everything BUT his race! But when a person of color is featured,
    you bitches just can’t help but to make comments which points to his race (be it positive or negative). And before one of you bitches try to come at me, Click on any thread featuring a White model and look for one single comment mentioning the model’s RACE.

    Good luck in proving me wrong!

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^ You probably would have bitched about people bitching about people pointing out that Madeleine Albright was the first female sec’y of state of Margaret Thatcher the first female P.M. of Britain.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Dirty Ole Man, I feel you, but the majority of the posters here are white. Anything that is even slightly “different” from most of the posters here, they are going to harp on it. It bugs me too, but I am not surprised…I’m a minority myself.

  • Lukas P.

    @chango: “Finnish” isn’t a race. It’s a nationality.

  • chango

    @Lukas P.:

    Semantics. It’s not like “guido” is a race. Anyway, the gist of Dirty Ole Man’s critique is that posters don’t make an issue out of white guy’s heritage/race/ethnicity, etc.

    I think I did a pretty adequate job of disproving his theory, but if you disagree, it’s not really a big deal, considering it was a pretty lame critique in the first place.

  • Lukas P.

    @chango: You’re arguing *about* semantics, and in quoting me as an example of using racist language, your semantics were wrong.

    I absolutely agree with you that *race* gets pointed out by commenters here on Queerty whenever a “minority” is depicted in the Morning Wood (g) segment, but I don’t want my comment to be construed as an example of racism. There are other remarks here that might prove your point better.

  • chango

    @Lukas P.:

    FTR, I don’t think you were being racist at all. Obviously. That’s my point.

    I’m arguing that mentioning someone’s nationality/race/ethnicity has no correlation with racism as Ole seems to be insinuating.

  • Lukas P.

    @chango: Gotcha! Sorry I misunderstood. I have been known to type faster than I can think. My apologies.

  • chango

    @Lukas P.:

    No apologies necessary. I didn’t exactly articulate my point very well.

  • Ankhorite

    @Cassandra: Beautifully (and comprehensively) said.

    ::: applause :::

  • concernedcitizen

    @akn: BE proud of your heritage and these photos that is a beautiful man covered in beautiful art from a beautiful culture…
    Any compunction you feel is your own insecurities but i must tell you, there is nothing to be insecure about!

  • shannon


  • Charles

    I’ve never given much thought to Asian guys let alone tattoos but this one with the tattoos, this one is down right gorgeous. A work of art in more ways than one.

  • cele

    UGH May I go out on my first date with him please?!?! I’m 22 going on 23, gay, male, African American, single, love going on long walks on the beach, even though I have yet to see a beach in real life lol. Yes, all that was mentioned above is true though -_-

  • Ian

    Cultural, social, racial, ethical, moral issues aside: he’s very hot.

  • Mike in Asheville

    He is beautiful; some of the shots are stunning.

    I was intrigued by the race comments so I tried to find out if there was a story behind the photos with the body paint. Alas, no luck in finding out the purpose of the shots, however, I did read on one blog that it takes the artist 7-8 hours for the painting.

    I think that before critiquing whether there is a racial issue, you should know the background and purpose of the photos. As I could not find that out, I will point out that, at the very least, the model himself was not so offended that he refused sitting 7-8 hours plus the modeling session. Since he poses in different body paintings, it seems pretty clear that he is not offended.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @chango: Your point is not particularly accurate. Queerty regularly mentions the ethnicity and/or country of origin of many models, white and non-white. They feature models from Australia, England, France, Italy — and make a point of pointing out that information. They also make reference to Nordic and Latin looks as well as Eastern Europeans, Russians, and Semitic.

    In this case, Queerty did not lump the model into the generic “Asian” category completely ignoring the significant and diverse cultures and ethnicities among the Chinese, let alone, the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai, the Poly-Asians, the mountain countries, the many Indian ethnicities, and on and on, as Asia is such a large and diverse continent.

    As a quarter Hindu, quarter Dutch, quarter Welsh and quarter Hungarian, myself, I find it interesting to know the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of others.

  • Jeremy

    I just love how almost (about 95%) of people who complained about how “racist” this photoshoot is are non-Asian. Like you people have nothing else to do but bitching about Asian racism. There is NOTHING offending about this. Take those needles out of your asses, won’t ya?

  • Inspector X

    #18, wow

  • Phil

    “Asian? That means Yakuza tattoos and samurai swords, right?”

    I could almost be offended except the last set of photos is hilarious. The Vietnamese do sort of romanticize American period gang culture and fashion.

    No, I take that back. Asia is a continent. Our cultures differ as much as Latin or African cultures differ. And your “95% non-Asian” comment is asinine. For your information, I am Vietnamese and I have no issue with people taking offense in my place. The photos aren’t racist but they sure as hell are ignorant and condescending.

  • xander

    @Phil : How are the photos “ignorant and condescending”?
    I found the body art beautiful. Reminds me slightly of a old Greenaway film called ‘Pillow Book’ which involved Ewan MacGregor (spelling?) getting various calligraphic designs written ALL over him. Pour some sake and enjoy!

  • ADGJ


    Ok let’s be clear, Latin American cultures really aren’t all that distinct. African and Asian, yes.

  • Phil

    @xander: The photos say to me, hey, ethnic models get ethnic props. And Asian cultures are pretty interchangeable, right? So stick some yakuza body paint on him, dress him in fundoshi and give him samurai swords because JAPANESE culture is more readily apparent than VIETNAMESE culture, and god forbid we’re culturally aware when shoehorning in -something- Asian will suffice. As a people, our culture is more similar to the Chinese than to the Japanese and even then we are distinct.

    It would be offensive if you stuck an English person in Irish garb because they’re both part of the UK. It would be offensive if you stuck traditionally Egyptian garb on Nigerians because they’re both from Africa and it would be offensive if you stuck traditionally Italian garb on the Greeks because because they’re both Mediterranean. So why is it okay to say, “Hey, he looks pretty so don’t sweat it” when it’s Asian cultures being confused? Which. We. Do. Not. Drink.

    You can make the argument that hey, maybe they just wanted a Japanese photoshoot and the model happened to be Asian, but that’s a ridiculous point. How often do white models get stuck dressing in Asian clothes? I mean, there’s tons of them and the answer is very, very, very rarely.

    (Also, seriously, looking for diversity and the best you could do was rehash an Asian model? Couldn’t find a new Asian model? Or a black model? A LADY model? A trans model of any type?)

    Seriously, comes down to this. “Enh, close enough.”

  • Pickles

    THAT is offensive.

    The model with the sword is not the same as the model with the monster .
    A photo shoot is a photo shoot. There is nothing racist about it.

    BOTH of these models wanted to participate.


  • Retrosexual

    This is probably the best slideshow of white people I’ve ever seen.

  • declanto

    @Dirty Ole Man: I really thought you were here earlier, but for a dirty ole man you’re just a noobie. This site is notorious for racial squabbling and whining about some perceived racial sleight is de rigueur in the posts. When a white guy is featured, the other ethnicities whine that they’re not treated as equals. Vice-versa when some admittedly more seldom racial minority gets a spread, The white folks get cranked out of shape. I never really ever thought I’d agree with (shudder) @Cassandra: , but she’s spot-on with this one.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Pickles: Which photos show two different models?

    I think this kid is beautiful and some of the photos are stunning. So I googled the model’s name, found many posts of pictures of him, and most of these same photographs, along with many others, are all there under his name. I don’t see two models, just one in different poses and make-up.

    So, Pickles, please share with us that there is more than one model.

  • Garganto

    @Pickles: They’re both pretty much the same. Can’t we just leave it as it is?

  • Pickles

    There are two separate models in this slide show. There is nothing wrong with having two models except that whomever posted them apparently couldn’t TELL that there were two models.

    The one with the sword is Obert Sharon , you can find more photos (including the ones above)


    and here

    The other model is Cuong

    The models don’t look alike and they aren’t interchangeable and I noticed it the first time I looked through the slide show and it took me 1 minute to find out who the other model was by using Google “Search by image”

    I’m Black from NBC so it’s not like I have some special insight, they are just obviously two different men.

    I guess I just think it feeds into the “All Asian People Look Alike” attitude.

    I don’t see how someone couldn’t notice unless they just weren’t paying attention and given the talk about wanting to have more diverse models, etc, it just seems rude.

  • Henry

    @Pickles: Obert Sharon, that’s a fine Asian name. He does his race proud.

  • o

    #1 – big thighs, small dick.

  • Malwyn

    At number 20, somebody should teach him how to shave.

  • Ted C.

    So the photographer wanted to do an Asian-themed shoot and hired an Asian model for it? Okay, not so surprising or bad. What sucks is that we rarely see Asian models outside of something Asian-themed. (Here on Queerty or anywhere else.)

    For audiences whose tastes are shaped by what they see in the media, it means that Asian men continue to be seen as “exotic” (at best), rather than simply “hot” (which this model clearly is).

    And I am Vietnamese-Canadian, if it makes any difference.

  • slanty

    Wow, he’s super hot, lol. I’d love to bed this hunkachunkachinka man.

  • Nixon's head

    @Dame Helga von ornstein: We didn’t get any butt shots because the term “ass bleaching” takes on a whole new meaning for an Asian model.

  • Henry

    @Charles: I believe that this is what they refer to as the sabi aesthetic.

  • o

    @Henry: That’s a pretty sophisticated insult, Henry. I don’t think a person as coarse and stupid as Charles can pick up on it.

  • Yttrium

    He’s really effeminate in a lot of these pictures, especially picture 12. Ewww. I ogle men because I don’t want to ogle women, you know?

  • BillCooney

    The original phrase, “I always order the same thing – Sum Hung Yung Guy.” belongs to Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Yttrium: Well you can read it as “really effeminate” if you want; but, perhaps, you should consider that he is a model being posed by an artist, the photographer. Should he be gay and/or effeminate, is certainly okay with me; each to enjoy their own. What I do not understand is folk like you Yttrium, you clicked on all the pics just so you could rag on them? Weird.

  • arbiter

    Beautiful all-around, I think. His physiqu

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