PHOTOS: These Sexy, Young (And Real) Priests Want To Teach You All About The Vatican

roman priests2And on the seventh day, God collected the hottest Roman Catholic Priests in the Vatican for a sexy calendar photoshoot, thus birthing the 2014 the 2014 Calendario Romano.

The unintentionally erotic souvenir known as “the hot priests calendar” on the streets of Rome was actually not shot by God himself, though this fresh take on an otherwise seedy stereotype suggests a matter of divine intervention. It was shot by Venice-based photographer Piero Pazzi during Holy Week, and unlike the models of the blasphemous 2014 Orthodox Calendar, these Men of God are totally authentic.

Now in his tenth year of producing the calendar, which is available online and for sale at Vatican gift stands, Pazzi says the purpose of his work is purely educational. He meets his subjects organically on the streets of Rome, where “most are happy to be photographed” after learning the calendar is actually a tourism marketing tool that offers tips and facts about the Vatican. Unfortunately, the calendar does not also include links to each model’s profile on Venerabilis.

But these Holy men are far too fine to go unnoticed by the lustful eyes of gay media, which has some diehard Catholics a bit concerned. One writes “I hope the priests don’t encourage anyone to refer to them as ‘sexy holy men’ or ‘strapping young men of the cloth.’ It’s just wrong.”

Check out the best of these sexy, holy, strapping young men of the cloth below.

foto 01 omg roman priests3