PHOTOS: These Sexy, Young (And Real) Priests Want To Teach You All About The Vatican

roman priests2And on the seventh day, God collected the hottest Roman Catholic Priests in the Vatican for a sexy calendar photoshoot, thus birthing the 2014 the 2014 Calendario Romano.

The unintentionally erotic souvenir known as “the hot priests calendar” on the streets of Rome was actually not shot by God himself, though this fresh take on an otherwise seedy stereotype suggests a matter of divine intervention. It was shot by Venice-based photographer Piero Pazzi during Holy Week, and unlike the models of the blasphemous 2014 Orthodox Calendar, these Men of God are totally authentic.

Now in his tenth year of producing the calendar, which is available online and for sale at Vatican gift stands, Pazzi says the purpose of his work is purely educational. He meets his subjects organically on the streets of Rome, where “most are happy to be photographed” after learning the calendar is actually a tourism marketing tool that offers tips and facts about the Vatican. Unfortunately, the calendar does not also include links to each model’s profile on Venerabilis.

But these Holy men are far too fine to go unnoticed by the lustful eyes of gay media, which has some diehard Catholics a bit concerned. One writes “I hope the priests don’t encourage anyone to refer to them as ‘sexy holy men’ or ‘strapping young men of the cloth.’ It’s just wrong.”

Check out the best of these sexy, holy, strapping young men of the cloth below.

foto 01 omg roman priests3

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  • seaki

    Converting now!

  • jwrappaport

    This is better than satyrs, although I’d prefer my men to manhandle me rather than hear my confession. Give me a hot soldier or marine any day. Or firefighter. Now that’s literally hot.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Look—but don’t touch.
    Touch—but don’t taste.
    Taste—but don’t swallow.

    Nah, too many rules.

  • kevininbuffalo

    You can usually tell if a bishop or archbishop is gay by the young priests he surrounds himself with, like Benny 16 and Gorgeous Georg. These guys are probably working for gay cardinal at least!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Not to mention the obvious. But the gay community also dresses up as nuns. Dressing up as a priest in Rome LMAO… too funny.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    What a waste of hot guys. : /. (Esp. that first one @ the top if the article…YUM!!!

  • jimbryant

    Before I judge a man to be handsome, I need to check his anal hygiene. There’s nothing worse than a man with a nice face but bad backside odor a la “musky smell of poorly-wiped behind combined with sweat”.

  • Kangol

    Do they hang out in that bathhouse that’s right near the Vatican’s offices?

    I mean the one that a bear guy dressed as a priest and stripping out of his clerical garb?

  • Carmen L. Ashmore

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  • AuntieChrist

    Something doesn’t feel right…Sexy priests..? Aren’t they supposed to be celibate..? Organic photography..? I don’t think so.

  • denvermtnbiker

    The last one looks a lil like Zachary Quinto

  • Homophile

    When I was growing up our church had a visiting young priest called Father Nicholas. Oh how I prayed he would molest me.

  • Tyler100


    Jim, what the hell are you talking about? TMI and also the answer to a question nobody was asking. I’m almost certain you are mentally ill and sexually repressed.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Tyler100: Honey,jb is a mess, not even sure it is for real. If so then you are right and he she or it is totally mental needs professional help and lots of Thorazine.

  • jwtraveler

    I think it’s part of a plot to lure young women and men back to the church. I’d become a little Catholic just to get ‘communion’ from one of these boys.

  • Baileynl

    I am sorry. I must be missing something here. To me this is just like posting pictures of gorgeous nazi’s. I wonder what the general reactions would be in that case…..

  • Baileynl

    Gorgeous between ” “

  • erichendricks

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  • stanhope

    Like the Vatican doesn’t know what it’s doing here. LOL They have always thrown a little side eye at the gorgeous boys. Now they condemn the sinner while promoting the sin. What a bunch of hypocrites. I love visiting Churches for the incredible architecture but I won’t set foot in a catholic church. I once stood outside St Patrick’s and saw the sale of all of that tourist stuff right out front. Reminded me of the merchants in front of the temple that Jesus destroyed.

  • guest4ever

    The reason the Catholic church is headed downhill… homosexuality.

    When Jesus taught that an evil tree would produce evil fruit He clearly was speaking the truth.

    David Goodstein, former publisher of the Advocate, the world’s largest homosexual publication – “Our lifestyle can become an elaborate suicidal ritual.”

    He should know… dead at 53 from anal cancer.

    The Catholic Church will cleanse itself of this great evil or be destroyed in an elaborate suicidal ritual because the cries of countless boys molested by homosexual priests stands as an eternal witness against it.

  • jwtraveler

    @Baileynl: Despite my antipathy to the Catholic Church, I can’t quite see putting it in the class of the Nazis. The Church has been guilty of many crimes, but I don’t believe genocide is one of them.

  • Baileynl

    @jwtraveler: Really? How about letting aids spread across africa due to their endless effort to prevent the use of condoms, the bloodshed through the past 2000 years or contributing to the waive of crimes against gays in eastern europe and russia. Do need more examples?

  • Wadey-New Zealand

    That last priest has the best smile iv seen in ages! Quirks can be so attractive i reckon :D

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