PHOTOS: Thirteen Football Studs To Look Out For On Super Bowl Sunday

Given how much the gays have been tweeting and Facebooking their excitement about this coming Sunday’s Super Bowl, you’d think the game was just a warmup for Madonna‘s halftime show.

But though Madge might “bring the gay” on Sunday, there’s plenty of other reasons for us to watch—namely all the brawny babes running around and smashing into each other for our amusement.

Not to say that one can’t be a homosexual and appreciate the game of football. There are plenty out fellas who fully understand that “bump and run” and “hole number” are are actual football terms.

But considering the number of people who just watch the game for the commercials and the population that will now be tuning to catch the legendary halftime show, I thought it might be helpful to call out a few additional hot highlights.

Queerty’s already looked at the Super Bowl’s queer history so I pulled myself away from my daily search through the gay inmate profiles on to cull the choicer physical specimens from both the Patriots and the Giants for your viewing pleasure.

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Image via Idris and Tony Photography