PHOTOS: Thirteen Football Studs To Look Out For On Super Bowl Sunday

Given how much the gays have been tweeting and Facebooking their excitement about this coming Sunday’s Super Bowl, you’d think the game was just a warmup for Madonna’s halftime show.

But though Madge might “bring the gay” on Sunday, there’s plenty of other reasons for us to watch—namely all the brawny babes running around and smashing into each other for our amusement.

Not to say that one can’t be a homosexual and appreciate the game of football. There are plenty out fellas who fully understand that “bump and run” and “hole number” are are actual football terms.

But considering the number of people who just watch the game for the commercials and the population that will now be tuning to catch the legendary halftime show, I thought it might be helpful to call out a few additional hot highlights.

Queerty’s already looked at the Super Bowl’s queer history so I pulled myself away from my daily search through the gay inmate profiles on to cull the choicer physical specimens from both the Patriots and the Giants for your viewing pleasure.

Click through to learn who the tastiest gridiron gods are at this year’s Super Bowl

Image via Idris and Tony Photography

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  • Malky

    I hate tattoos, but that guy is smokin’ hot.

  • icelus

    Seriously, Queerty? No Welker or Gronkowski? FAIL!

  • christopher di spirito

    Rob Gronkowski belongs in this photo homage. He’s the Patriots tight end that always delivers great game and great bulge and he’s proud of it.

  • mrbrodybrown

    Gronk has a hot bod but i don’t find his mug as cute/hot as these other boys…but of course, that’s just my opinion…

  • jason

    A bunch of ugly, tattoed freaks.

  • Elmwood Mac

    OMG, I wanna be in charge of Devin Thomas’s jockstrap.

  • Xtincta

    DEVIN THOMAS>>>>>>>>> Honestly why he hasn’t been named peope’s sexiest man alive is beyond me. And for the boys who hate Tattoos…… they’re here to stay, so you BETTER get used to it!!!!

  • MikeE

    @jason: a bunch? I guess two could count as “a bunch”.
    but then I’d rather be a tattooed freak than a bitter anonymous freak on some blog.

  • taylor

    Don’t let the multiple failed drug tests in college fool you, Aaron Hernandez is a real class act. Really, he sometimes acted like he was in class. Not when he was attempting to cheat on standardized tests in high school, but sometimes.

    Why are we validating these athletes? The NFL is homophobic, and if half of what football players make in a year went to ANY kind of charity (lgbt, poverty, hunger, AIDS, human rights, the list goes on…) it would not only be able to make a measurable different in the world, but it would also encourage them to hit the books harder so they could, oh, I don’t know, have a career after football that might benefit society. Good looks only go so far.

  • tjr101

    Devin Thomas is oh so…

  • abercrombie

    @tjr101: Haha..Don’t you think he is very good-looking body tattoo?

  • Mike in Asheville


    The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has a very out and proud kid brother, Michael, who is gay. Per Michael, Roger ALWAYS stood by him against any bullying and mistreatment. Michael only speaks of his brother in the most loving and brotherly way. As commissioner, Roger Goodell has included his support for his gay brother is media interviews that have been published in Sports Illustrated and aired on 60 Minutes.

    Also, this season, the NFL added sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy; NY Giants Superbowl Elite David Tyree has publicly endorsed same-sex marriage; Brendon Ayanbadejo made a video supporting same-sex marriage; Seatle Seahawks and its Mike Williams, with other Seattle professional teams, joined the “It Gets Better Project.”

    Is there homophobia among the NFL? Certainly, just like there is homophobia among every other social, political, religious, profession, lay, hobby group, including gay/lesbian groups as there is always someone who is self-hating.

    The only way gays/lesbians have achieved gains in anti-discrimination and civil rights has been when former foes have become friends.

    Yes, there is a long road ahead to dilute and end homophobia in professional sports and the NFL; but progress is progress, and every bit helps.

  • Mike

    Victor Cruz of the Giants!!!!

  • Jim

    @Mike in Asheville: David Tyree said that approving gay marriage in NY will lead to anarchy. I’m pretty sure that’s not an endorsement.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Jim: WHOOPS! I sure misremembered that one. Of course, you are correct: Tyree went on a tirade following NHL’s Sean Avery made his video supporting same-sex marriage in New York (I had them reversed; thanks for the correction).

  • La Shante'

    I used to think that a man with a tattoo was something beautiful….NOW tattoos have turned men’s bodies a freak show. BUT THIS MAN (Devin Thomas)COULD HAVE THEM COVERING HIS ENTIRE BODY (EXCEPT HIS FACE), AND I WOULD’NT CARE. It is a rare thing to find a man without tats…I NOW FIND THOSE BODIES BEAUTIFUL.

  • I take exception

    Eli Manning? Are you kidding? He’s a doofus. And he looks like a doofus.

    And no Rob Gronkowski, no Victor Cruz, and no Danny Woodhead? Who made this list? Some straight guy?

  • mdr12794

    I think Tyler Sash wins this one.
    He’s super cute, and he seems to be the most down to earth one :]

  • shannon

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FALLING OFF CHAIR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Steve

    OMG, I’m not a big football fan, but I watched the end of the Super Bowl! Did anyone else get to hit rewind on the DVR as the trophy was walked thru the players? Victor Cruz looked like a clip right out of a porn. His junk was bulging out half way over to his hip! He just kept turning into the camera shot as if to say, “Look how happy I am!!”

  • vince

    More men of color pleeze….too many boring, vanilla, lookalike white dudes in your

  • Mike in Asheville

    @vince: 6 white guys, 6 black guys, and 1 super hot Hernandez: and none of them looked all that boring to me.

  • Vince

    @Mike in Asheville: +
    I mean more often period, not jut this pictorial. It’s obvious that blk men fill out those football uniforms like no one else. It looks like they have two hams shoved down the back of their pants and a kielbasa sausauge shoved down the front. I can watch them all day. I hope that’s not racist. I mean it in the most complimentary way.

  • James

    Is it wrong for me to think that the Goku tattoo actually makes him hotter?

  • Sony

    Madge body tattoo color too single, I compare the hate it!

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