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  • Mike in MO

    Fernando Torres is way hotter

  • alan brickman

    no ones going to kick him out of bed…

  • M Shane

    He was covered by Mark Simpson more than once as a hot “sporno” star. In Eurpoe and the UK because their athletes are so god awefully cute and “tarty’ . He is playing for the UK now even tho from Portugal. Mark has picturesof him in his tiny swinmsuit in LA. Tres hot!
    Sorrowfully, our games don’t attract intelligence or coordination so they also seem to lack good looks, at least that you would know it.

    Ronaldo is a superstar on the feild-worth a ton of money. They are not just cute still but magfic in motion. Good players are singular.

    Are Americans to slow to follow soccar?

  • KyleR

    I think he is gorgeous. I found this one foto of him coming out of the surf. Nice VPL. I just stumbled upon it. But no matter how great he is, he is not worth the amount paid for his contract. What? A billion, yes; with a B; euros. No one is worth that, no matter how good they are.

    And it’s called football in every other country except the US. Only we Americans call it soccer for some reason. And I think it never took off because most Americans see soccer as a kids sport, not worthy of playing as adults. I think it’s huge fun. I want to go to games, but their aren’t many around.

  • jason

    He has a good body but his face is over-rated. The latter looks like a cross between an Amazon pigmy and a German migrant.

  • sal(the original)

    he’s soooo hot,portugal 4 life!!

  • rhydderch

    I’m pretty sure that I could drink his dirty bath water for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Jeff K.

    He’s attractive, but I’d take Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid any day over Cristiano!

  • M Shane

    I’ll settle for the bathwater, if I could scrub him down.. Cristiano is strong and thicker than Ramos.

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