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PHOTOS: This Is One Time We’re Actually Down With Players

They say there are no second acts in American life. But Rick Day has followed up Players, his photographic paean to the athletic male form with Players 2, which gives us more of the same with wet-dream fodder like Simon Dexter, Eric Belanger, Latrell Spencer and Todd Sanfield. Something to think about as you start packing on that winter weight.

And if you’re in New York City over Columbus Day weekend, make it your business to get over to Good Units, Matinee NYC promoters Jake Resincow and Patrick Crough are toasting the book’s launch with all the Players 2 models in person!

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  • declanto

    Oh, my cummie keyboard! Muh-muh-much more, pleeease!

  • Maddie

    I love all photos just #5 i hate.

  • declanto

    @Maddie: You must be Mad(die).

  • declanto

    @Maddie: #5? Check that tongue. Tell me You’d say no.

  • Brad

    @Maddie: you must be crazy. #5 is the freaking hottest one, that face is omg; and #9 is a close second.

  • Thomas Maguire

    #6 and #8 ALL THE FUCKING WAY.

  • rory

    3 and 5 for suuuuuure ;)

  • fredo777

    #8 is so adorable.

    #4 + #9… wow. Harley/Simon Czaplinski is hot + hung.

  • till the world ends

    @Maddie: Why because he is the ONLY person of color in all the pages? Hmmmmm would you say racist. Oh you might reply “I’m not racist I only into white or latin guys” to each his own but when you flat out point out the black guy as not being the one you don’t like you will just make him more popular on this page and more people will like him so thanks for uplifting the only black guy on this page.

  • dvlaries

    Now, this is more like it.
    And look how gorgeous these guys manage to be without getting all inked up…

  • tenshinigami

    @till the world ends:
    That seems like a bit of a leap, don’t you think? From disliking a photo all the way over to full-on racist? I don’t much care for #7 because I think his beard is too thick, and he looks like he wants to murder the cameraman. Does that mean I hate all beards? I don’t think the body hair on #5 is all that appealing. Does that mean I hate all body hair? No, I rather like #9.

    Rather than immediately assuming malice, racism, or whatever, can’t we all just agree we have different tastes in men? Without getting up in arms about it?

    Also, I think #3 and #9 are the hottest.

  • manlovingmen

    @till the world ends
    You were absolutely right in what you said. I was about to write a very similar comment before I saw yours.

    No it is not a leap to go to racism when the ONLY model he chose to point out to HATE is the only one of color. When you pointed out the models you didn’t like it was for various reasons, but also of models all of the same type. Maddie did not just dilike #5, he said it was the only one he hated. I think that’s a little more than not liking #5’s body hair. I think if people were a little more sensitive to this when it happens we would start to see more changes.

    I personally thought they were ALL hot!!!

  • JayKay

    #8 is clearly superior, all others can bow down.

  • Huh

    Is it me or do they look computer generated…

  • Brian

    I wouldn’t kick any of them outta my bed.

  • Katt

    I will murder any of you bitches with a fork if #5 asked me to ^_^

  • Bryan

    Being a butt person, #4 was just heavenly, and I liked #7 too, sexy scruff.

  • Charles

    4 is my favourite. Nice pose, nice butt to be entered!! And #5? What’s there to “hate”??? He is a very nice looking, light brown guy. And if you look real closely, he has gray/blue eyes. Waiter, I’ll have one of each!!! Yum!!

  • Markybioi

    love number 8 Latrell Spencer

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