PHOTOS: Thousands Attend Tel Aviv Pride


Politics took a backseat Friday at Tel Aviv Pride, where tens of thousands of celebrants of various religions and orientations marched through Meir Park and other main areas, ending up on the beach for a big sun-soaked bash. It was a reminder that the city—often called a “bubble” of tolerance amid Middle East tensions—offers a haven for those who feel marginalized elsewhere. “When wars are around and people [are] threatening us, we know that we need to live [in] the second,” one participant told CNN. “This is the second.”

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Photos: Flavio Grynszpan


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  • Michael DeSelms

    Have just added Tel Aviv to my bucket list!

  • Lefty

    Politics took a backseat Friday at Tel Aviv Pride, where tens of thousands of gay men, usually noted for their political engagement, decided to ignore the triviality of horrific human rights abuses and instead chose (uncharacteristically) to troll about the place, scantily clad while looking at each others’ kishke and generally admiring muscles of various sizes.
    Indeed, politics was shut firmly in a cheap unmarked box which was placed on the backseat of a completely different vehicle situated far enough away that no one could hear its screams…

  • JKB

    @Tel Aviver: AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kieran

    It’s hard to deny that you wouldn’t likely see scenes of sexual freedom, liberation and tolerance in places like Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Kabul or even Beirut. When it comes to being a more highly evolved, progressive Western democracy, Israel clearly wins hands down (it’s continuing repression of Palestinians in the occupied territories notwithstanding) This is probably the best advertisement for Israel I have seen in a long time. Mazeltov.

  • Bailey

    Israel is a terrorist nation-state. The USA should not fund their hate.

  • Houston Bill


    Tel Aviv is a modern, European style city with basic freedoms for all its’ citizens, including its’ immigrant and Arab/Muslim population.

    While I don’t endorse your comments, it is true Jerusalem and the Orthodox Jewish settlements on the West Bank are much less free. I’d concentrate on condemning those areas, rather than condemning Tel Aviv, a wonderful city (although its charms are a bit oversold in my opinion).

  • Lefty

    @Houston Bill: With respect, I don’t recall you being particularly selective in your summation of entire Eastern European countries and their treatment of gay citizens. :)

  • Joe

    @Matt: Palestinians treat gays as though they are subhuman.

  • Lefty

    @Joe: In that case, let Israel continue to bomb the fuck out of all Palestinians, including – presumably – gay ones.
    Oh, hold on… slight flaw, there…

  • Jack

    @Lefty: And what are you doing about the human rights abuses committed by the United States on a daily basis? Or does it not count when you’re the one supporting it?

  • jason

    The only picture I really liked was the second one – the one of the old man, fully clothed. The rest look like narcissists at a sex festival. Oh, how the gay community has fallen….

  • Kev C

    It’s like 120 degrees in the shade. Why doesn’t Israel supply them with giant outdoor air conditioners? Why?

  • Joe

    @Lefty: Maybe Palestine should stop attacking Israel if they don’t want Israel to fight back then.

  • Adam

    I’ve been living in Israel for the past ten months. Obviously, the conflict is a big deal, but mostly everyone’s trying to live their lives. In Tel Aviv, politics are always on a back seat. Other places, the politics and the conflict are as in the “front seat” as everywhere else. It’s not a place where explosions are constantly occurring and people are constantly dying second by second. People are just trying to live their lives.

    The gay pride parades in Jerusalem are more political because they face more opposition from the insane ultra-Orthodox who live there and politically control the country.


    Happy and “gay” to be Homosexual, Israeli, men are, Sooooo hot and sexy M`m M`m I want one XOXOXOX..


    @Bailey: Bailey, you need to come for Counseling in my behavioral Psychology office. You are very disturbed and mentally unstable.

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