PHOTOS: Thousands Gather In Paris For Last-Ditch March Against Same-Sex Marriage


PHOTOS: Working closely with their spiritual cousins in the National Organization for Marriage, tens of thousands marched through the streets of Paris today in opposition to the government’s marriage-for-all legislation.

La manif pour tous, or “the demonstration for all” extended five kilometers from La Defence to the Arc de Triomphe. Protestors were denied access to march along the famed Champs Elysees, though hundreds tried anyway—and were tear-gassed by police.

President Hollande’s marriage-equality plan has been adopted by the lower chamber of parliament and goes before the Senate in April, when it is expected to be approved.

Opponents maintain addressing civil issues like gay marriage is taking focus away from fixing the economy. Of course, the government wouldn’t have to spend much time or energy on marriage efforts if these people didn’t oppose it, so they’ve kind of created their own problem, n’est–ce pas?

More than 340,000 demonstrators protested at the Eiffel Tower in January, and organizers hope today’s event will match or supersede that number.

You can see live streaming video of the insanity here.



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