PHOTOS: Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black In Hot Tub, Spotted Together Numerous Other Times

After complementing ourselves on our detective work to determine whether Olympic diver Tom Daley and screenwriter/activist Dustin Lance Black are indeed an item, a Queerty reader alerted us to a treasure trove of photos taken of the two men together over the past several months. It appears the couple has been hiding in plain sight all along.

Scroll down to see more photographic evidence.


Daley and friends

Black (far left) joined Daley (third from right) on a London rooftop last May to celebrate the diver’s 19th birthday.


A picture is worth a thousand words, as the expression goes. And look at the loving expression on Black’s face as he gazes at Daley at a social event.


Working on their fitness: The couple, gym bags in tow, strolls the hallway of Daley’s training center in Houston, TX.



It’s sweater weather as the twosome wear similar striped pullovers at another party.




Black looms in the background of a parking lot while Daley poses for a fan pic.


Enjoying a snack on a warm sunny day.




Rub-a-dub-dub: Four men and two women in a hot tub. Black and Daley (far right) managed to grab seats next to one another at a coed jacuzzi party.


Photo credit: Tumblr

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  • KittyLitter

    Nooooooooo! He’s twice his age!
    Pfft safe sex advocate practicing unsafe sex. What a joke.

  • Mike

    Pic #5! Wow! To the left…To the left…From our viewpoint that is.

  • jwrappaport

    I see Queerty has become the gay TMZ. They’re dating – ’nuff said.

  • Pistolo

    I’m going to say something nice. I like DLB’s sweater with the red, gray, and white.

    Now that I got that nice crap out of the way, I feel like there’s never been a really cool gay power couple. These two are in their tweeny clothes with the messenger bags, they look like members of the cast of Degrassi. Quinto and that Groff boy had a shot but they valued their privacy too much. Someone needs to have an affair, there has to be a Pitt-Jolie or, better, Burton-Taylor type love affair. Not this crap. There won’t be a story in any of this in 2 months.

  • Kieran

    Oh here we go again with Queerty publishing pictures of happy, attractive gay men dating. And an Olympic athlete yet! GROSS!! Do you have to shove their lifestyle down our throat at every opportunity?

  • GlitterKidder

    Just another non-news story, thanks Queerty. No one cares about who these two are dating or diddling. Again I ask you to please report real news and stories that affect the LGBTQ community. Thanks

  • dougmc92

    It has to be Black- as bf that is…why would he endure all the vile spewed at him if it wasn’t?????

  • balehead

    Most gays have their mid life crisis in their 30’s and pounce on the twinks….Dustin Lance Black is no exception…

  • fagburn

    They’d make a lovely couple – though part of me would be be green with envy too if they are – but two gay dudes are allowed to be just friends, you know…

  • DarSco

    WOW! they really do exist!! You know, the STEROTYPICAL VICIOUS OLD (& YOUNG) JEALOUS HATEFUL QUEENS! LOL Sad as hell!! Mazel Tov Dustin & Tom! Enjoy Yourselves as the haters cry & whine wishing it were them LOL

  • BigKahuna

    Did anybody notice that in both the rooftop pic and the hot tub pic, they are both wearing rings on their left second fingers?

  • BigKahuna

    Oh, I take that back, in the rooftop pic LBs ring is on his right hand. Too many forensic Tv shows for me :-)

  • qlm

    @GlitterKidder: Non-news story, so it’s not news when athletes, politicians, actors, or any other person who is in the public eye to come out of the closet? One day maybe it won’t be news, maybe one day people won’t feel the need to stay hidden away in fear and denial. Until then, bring on every story involving a public figure boldly and proudly busting down the closet door, maybe helping to pave the way for another to follow suit. Just a contrasting opinion, because mine counts as much as everyone else’s.

  • AEH

    A) Let it go. Who cares what DLB did in private years ago?

    B) Obsessive, much? There are far too many articles dedicated to Tom Daley’s relationship with DLB.

  • Stache1

    I [email protected]fagburn: I actually have to agree. In those pictures they do make an attractive couple.

  • Brendan

    @BigKahuna: Hmm, they look like they are on their middle fingers actually… but good catch.

  • Zodinsbrother


    I never knew Queerty was a hard news site.

    Jesus, it’s tastes more bitter in here than a sucked lemon.

  • rjnick

    Actually, the evidence is still all pretty circumstantial. Sure they know each other, but there is still no actual confirmation from Daley or Black. All these pictures prove is that they know each other.

    First, all the news stories reporting the relationship are UK tabloids and gossip columns. All of them are either unsourced or anon sources. The quotes they have are generic about him having a bf, nothing about Black specifically. And even then, they are all very careful to say that Black is his “reported” bf.

    Second, is evidence from Daley himself. He’s indicated that most of friends did not know until right before he posted his video. He had no idea that the guy he liked was even gay (which seems hard to believe it’s really DLB). But in all these pics, none of those friends knew he they were dating or why a 39 year old Oscar winning screenwriter was hanging out with them?

    Third, is that he is a 39 year old Oscar winning screenwriter, and they’ve been together since May? And no one had any idea until four days ago? It’s easy to go back now and find evidence, but it’s evidence that is proving something that isn’t even confirmed. It’s unbelievable that they’d be dating and no one noticed in nearly 8 months. If they were just friends, no one would report it. It would be different if Black wasn’t famous or recognizable. Which leads me to…

    Fourth, on the day he came out, a picture circulated of him and a boy at a mall. It was on Twitter, and the caption said it was his boyfriend. That same boy is in at least 2 of these pictures. In the top one he’s next to DLB, and in the hot tub, he’s in between the two girls. And if you look, Daley’s arm and the boy’s arm are reaching back behind the girl to eacher. His arm next to DLB is just holdng his phone.

    Finally, the not confirming or denying thing is just weird. DLB has said nothing. Daley, has said lots – including that he wants to keep it “private”. That would be totally understandable, if the all the blogs and tabloids weren’t already reporting it. It’s weird to have that much coverage, and have them still not confirm it, because at this point, everyone knows. What’s the point of hiding it? And they’re not denying it, doesn’t that pretty much confirm it?

    It does make sense, if DLB is a good friend of Tom’s, who supported his relationship with a boy, and is covering it up for him. They won’t confirm it, because it’s not true. They won’t deny it, because it means that the boy who he is dating, remains safely anonymous. And all the “sources” that are, again, unnamed, who might have known he was dating, would have assumed it was DLB, who is famous, and famously gay. It would be the obvious assumption.

    The point is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they are dating. But there is also a good amount of circumstantial evidence that they are not. I’m betting if you look through more pics of Tom…you’ll find more of that boy, than you will of DLB.

  • rjnick

    I would also point out one other thing – if it really is the boy from that pic on Twitter, the DLB thing has done exactly what they might have hoped. It’s created a distraction. No one seems to remember that Twitter pic even circulated on the first day. And no one is even considering that it might be someone else.

    Everyone has just assumed that DLB is the one. But without confirmation, that means that the possibility that it’s someone else is still equally real. If Queerty really wants to do some detective work…I’d look at who the other serious candidates might be if it turns out in the end that it wasn’t DLB.

  • rjnick

    Actually..now that I compare the pics, I’m not sure that the boy in these pics is the same as the Twitter one. I think the boy in these pics is actually that other diver on the team whose name escapes me, but he competed with Tom in London.

    It’s a lesson kids, never post in the comment section at 3 am.

    Though my larger point still stands..the Twitter pic was initially circulated, and as long as there is no confirmation, the possibility that the mystery guy is someone else is still out there.

  • AuntieChrist

    Zzzzzzzzz..!!! Dudes date other dudes, get over it.

  • AuntieChrist

    I wonder what the next big story is going to be..? Gay pigeon craps on Alec Baldwins head…?

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  • mike_goodboy

    All those “advisors” here are funny :) @rjnick It really shouldn’t matter to you who is he dating. He can date whoever he wants. It’s none of our business. I don’t really care as long as he’s happy.

  • Charles175

    @KittyLitter: When I was about 22 I had a LTR with someone twice my age. It was based on truth in the absence of selfish games. I was gainfully employed and always paid my half of the bills. Our relationship was filled with peace and I learned much from him. He passed and I miss him.

  • mz.sam

    To each his own and thankfully this is a rich and diverse community. But there also many readers to do appreciate postings as these..great pics! Thanks Queerity.

  • mawbinatl

    They could be dating and if they are, so what? Age has nothing to do with what Mr. Daley is feeling at the moment.

    There are many May/December marriages/romances in the heterosexual world why is this any different?

    It could be that they are just friends and so many gay media junkets are blowing it way out of proportion.

    Again, it’s all speculative at this point. Until either confirms it, let’s just move on.

  • Fang2012

    Oh my god, I am so tired of hearing people slam DLB for having bareback sex. What gay man HAS NOT had bareback sex? What safer sex advocate has not had bareback sex at some point? He said he was in a relationship with the guy. So because he’s a safer sex advocate, he’s resolved himself to a lifetime of condom-ed sex? And even if he wasn’t in a relationship and was just hooking up, do you know that they didn’t get tested together? And lastly, do you have to be perfect to be a safer sex advocate?

    I mean, come on! Get off your pedestal!

  • macmantoo

    They’re a cute couple, most of the complaints here are forms of a jealousy. There is nothing wrong with the age difference it that is what they want. It’s their lives to live, let them live it.

  • krystalkleer

    **break’n news**…older man dates younger man…more on this story at 11
    were we will have ACTUAL snapshots take’n from other webpages that reported on this a looong time ago but we ran outta stories to talk about so we’re gonna go with this one to seem like a legitimately current webpage! we now return you to yer mundane boring existence!

  • Deepdow


    So 90s, but then that’s you. Lol, sorry, I like your tenacity but you come across as Meth to me.

    I’m being an ass.

    Have a nice day.

  • Rockery

    Where did all of these pics come from??? I think they are looking for attention! There was also a pic of Tom with a male stripper that has come out, that was apparently taken months ago

    Carefully orchestrated attention grabs are so boring… TD and DLB. Are the male versions of Lady Gaga. NEXT!

  • tada-no

    Please Queerty entertain us with fresh gay gossip. The Daley-Chickenhawk affair has been beaten to pulp all week last week. I hope they won’t be the star couple of Queerty for 2014. We have enough from being forced to constantly watch Daveywavy and other annoying characters.

  • jwtraveler

    @rjnick: Wow, you really have a lot of free time on your hands.

  • jwtraveler

    I’ve never seen a picture of Tom Daley without a big smile on his face. He must be a very happy young man. As for his relationship with Dustin Black–that’s their business and nobody else’s.

  • robirob

    Aw. All that is missing is turning the pictures into a slideshow with Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings running in the background.

    The whole thing turns into this PR roller coaster ride from camp and creepy to cheesy.

  • cosettaxfc735

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  • YesIDid

    I just hope DLB realizes what an extra special person came into his life. We should all be so lucky.

  • YesIDid

    @Pistolo: I also love the sweaters. Would love to pick one up to wear during the holidays.

  • tricky ricky

    they make a cute couple. the chances of them not being a couple given the differences in their ages and fields of expertise is ZERO.

  • Gans

    @DarSco: Thank you! Couldn’t agree more. Loads of faceless bitter queens, swinging allegations of their sex life, age-ism, and just full-on jealousy are pathetic. Celebrate love and the maturity of Tom taking these cruel claims from those that do not know either man personally is sad and indicative of this Grindr Generation.

  • PeterCee

    Me? 69. Lover, 33. Met 8 years ago (today, in fact), and if you don’t like it, respect the fact that you are not part of our lives and never would be, nor do I give a rat’s ass about opinions on which you know absolutely nothing about.

  • PeterCee

    @DarSco: Good for you, buddy. What miserable, lonely lives these people must live or are are destined for.

  • bradlyboi

    I FEEL SO BAD for Tom…. I know DLB, not well, but well enough. He is a well known predator around these parts. HE is always scamming on boys 18 to 24, and NO older. He dated my EX (Jeff Scott DeLancy) after we broke up (who he also dumped for yet another younger boy). DLB has a sexual appetite and see’s boys as a conquest. When he dumped my EX (who is also evil), my EX posted a sex tape of the two of them. DLB is pure selfishness….he will do whatever it takes to get the next best thing. The greater the difficulty of the catch, the more DLB wants it! I’m sure the fame, innocence, and sweetness of Tom Daley was way too much for him to resist. Sad part is, Dustin thinks he’s ‘IN LOVE’ each time he does this to some young kid. I know 3 of the guys he was going ‘TO Marry’ and was ‘The ONE’. He has really hurt a lot of young guys who believed in him. I feel so bad for Tom, he is going to learn a hard lesson, the hard way. In Tom’s youtube video he said “I feel safe” with this new relationship. I was so happy for him, until I saw that it was Dustin??? of all people? BIG MISTAKE! DLB is a predator with a L O N G history of scamming, I doubt a relationship with Tom will change anything. I wish there was someone out there to protect Tom from him. And it’s not like I’m giving DLB undue crap. There was always hope that he would end up with one of the boys he goes after, but he get’s bored quick. Dustin, if you ever read this….I think your Mormon upbringing has predisposed you to seek after the typical Mormon boy vibe, 19-21 perfection. We were raised in the same church (so was Jeff, and one or two of your other Ex’s) and I think we all got a little damaged by seeking that ideal. You should probably get help instead of F-ing with all of these young boys that you ‘love’, use, and ultimately hurt. Tom Daley deserves someone from his generation, who he can love and grow with, someone as sweet as he is and on his level. NOT some old guy (I’m also 39 and I know we are not old, but still) who has already ‘bedded’ about 324 other boys 18-24 yrs. old. Dustin, you’re a selfish man! At what point are you going to stop yourself (p.s. the botox and laser treatments have actually done the job! Say hi to Dr. Burgmeier for me).

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