PHOTOS: Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Don’t you hate those people who wear workout gear even though it’s obvious they’ve never worked out a day in their life? Well that’s clearly not the case with drop-dread gorgeous Tommy here, who’s not only modeling the new athletic line from Australian sportswear company teamm8, he’s currently working for the company too. (We’re not to clear in what capacity, but who cares?!?)


Photos by James Demitri for teamm8


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  • Rainfish

    Twinkle, twinkle, little Twink,
    Upon Good Fortune’s smile you rise,
    While down upon Time’s knees you sink,
    Living large and Living high,
    Life is more than what you think,
    Ah, Youth… it’s such a beautiful lie.

    ~ E. L. Evans


    But you have to admit — he is smoking hot!

  • phallus

    Hummm, makes me want to go out and buy their workout gear and when I do will I look like Tommy if I workout in Teamm8 clothes? He sure is an attention getter.

  • rascal

    Straight to porn.

  • Jeremy

    He’s sooo hot in pic 7.

  • neddy


    who is this guy??

  • Stephan

    This is border-line child porn.

  • Yup

    There needs to be an ass picture on every Morning Goods. How can we fully asses a model if there’s no ass picture? ^_^

  • alan Balehead

    Very cute! don’t be jealous!!

  • Rick

    All I can say is Chicken! Give him 10 years, stop plucking and tweezing your hair and put on 20 lbs. of muscle, then you got BEEF!

  • stephen

    way tooo young!

  • arbiter

    I was like, “Eh, he’s your typical, waxed, young thing with some muscle definition.” *yawn* But then I saw #7 and can’t help but agree… yes.

  • Tony

    Puleeeze I love how gays can turn up their noses at a guy’s photo. He’s very attractive, but not really my type….but I do admit that if I were out at a bar and someone that looked like this showed interest in me, I would at least be EXTREMELY flattered, as would every reading this blog.

  • neil


    you think that’s skinny?
    he’s got a good almost ideal weight!

  • PazMateo

    Too old and fat.

  • akn

    I’m not speaking for the model, but do you know how incredibly hard it is for some guys to “put on 20 lbs. of muscle” (without the use of some serious ‘roids, at least)? I lifted weights and drank nasty protein supplements 4x per week for a year, and I only gained 10 lbs. So basically I’m still skinny, just a lot more defined. That’s just the way my body is.

    Sometimes I really hate it that bears are encouraged to embrace and celebrate their natural body shape and size, but if you naturally lack a belly and a beard and aren’t ripped to shreds, it’s all “plz eat a chzbrger NOW” from every direction. I swear, it’s like you can’t get a date anymore if your BMI is under 25.

    Thanks for enduring my rant.

  • Zack

    I would be very flattered also

  • Bryan

    Who ever said he’s too young or this is child porn must be like 100 or something.

  • Jim

    So many on this site seem to have very strong opinions on what a man should look like. He is very sexy in my opinion.

  • ganymeade

    Sexy! sexy! sexy! sexy ! Not only would I be flattered; I would be ecstatic! Some of us are naturally thin and have fine features. Get over it.

  • ganymeade

    Sexy! sexy! sexy! Not only would I be flattered; I would be ecstatic! Some of us are naturally thin and have fine features. Get over it.

  • Andrew

    Very nice but really the photos look more like promo shots for a soft porn twink movie than adds for active wear.

  • neil


    i totally understand where you’re coming from. i’ve calculated my BMR and it would take 5000+ calories to start gaining weight. i would have to wake up extra early just to fit in more eating time.
    i’ve always been amazed how people feel comfortable telling me i’m too skinny and shoot gain weight, but it’s rude to tell people to lose weight and eat less.

  • Navi

    @akn: OMG thanks. Being skinny sucks too not only is it hard to gain muscle but it’s annoying when everyone thinks you starve your self or someone tells you to eat more.

  • FreeRangeRadical

    Good Lord Pilates he’s hot! I really like pics 7 & 8. His nipples look like my husband’s, so that’s a double plus ultra bonus.

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