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  • Normal Adjacent

    Cut your hair, Hippie!

  • Troy

    Looks like the type of kid you would see doing Corbin Fisher videos. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

  • dvlaries

    I wouldn’t have minded the two-hour foul-up that didn’t let us click our way in here, if there’d been something more worth waiting for. We’re not going to see another Dallas Walker for a long time, are we?

  • jwalker666

    @Troy: I LOVE that site!!! and I wouldnt mind seeing him in the next video

  • commonqueer


  • Suburban

    @NormalAdjacent, I totally agree, but that’s the style these days(not for me). Of course they have to pair him up with a chick (#9), gotta make him look str8. He has really nice abs .He looks like Ryan Kwanten’s younger hot brother on True Blood. Lets face it, on that show they manage to get him near naked as much as possible.

  • Rick

    Some will find him attractive. Why I don’t know, but I’m sure they will.

  • Lizcivious

    Love him, love his hair! Doesn’t look anything like a hippie to me. He’s got that wonderful Brit-boy/Beatle-ish style I adore, so if you guys don’t want him, I’ll take him and run my hands through his lovely brown locks!

  • Hmmm

    I am so over that Jonas Brothers hair. And I guess I can see how others may find this guy attractive, but I’ve never been into the “All-American” type. Total vanilla.

  • Jeff K.

    He’s adorable. Awesome hair, and I love those eyes! *sigh*

  • naprem

    I heart him. He looovely. And yes, I can definitely see him in twink-jock porn.

    Unfortunately, pic 17 is profoundly wrong. And pic 20 is a disappointment, for promoting smoking.

  • jojobean873

    Ok, my Butterface detector went into the red zone with this one — great body, but he is supposed to be a model… what alternate universe??? The same one in which I am one as well??? If you had told me he was a paper boy, I would totally see it.

  • Suburban

    Ok, the main pic looks like adult anim, and his hair kinda sucks in most of them, but I stand by what I said earlier.

  • charlie hoover

    is that goku?!

  • Johnny

    Great looking guy and love most of the pics – but # 18 was a bit jarringly weird.

  • Brian M

    I’ve lusted after guys that look like this ever since my first crush.

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