PHOTOS: Twitter shook by Tyler Oakley’s undie-clad transformation to full-fledged twunk

The definition of ‘twunk’ varies from region to region, friend circle to friend circle. Is it a former ‘twink’ or a portmanteau of ‘twink’ and ‘hunk’? Can it be both?

These are the sorts of questions that can keep you up at night.

But regardless, former YouTuber and current host of the podcast Psychobabble  Tyler Oakley is giving major twunk energy in a recently uploaded batch of photos, and his Twitter followers were quick to notice.

“hi & happy tuesday! here’s me for @saxxunderwear’s pride campaign, in support of @sageusa (shot by @kylekrieger),” captioned the 32-year-old personality along with three sultry underwear photos.

Oakley, who announced a hiatus from YouTubing about six months ago, clearly hasn’t been taking the same approach towards the gym.

Here’s some of the response he got: