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  • ThatguyFromBoston

    Oh great, more screaching being passed off as singing awaits us.

  • sal(the original)

    nice outfit.i like his songs ,it is what it is -fun.

  • 7SK

    @ThatguyFromBoston: He’s not a screecher. He just has a high, multiple-octave voice. Glambert is a screecher. I like him, but he does go for the “EEEEEYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHGH” far too often.

  • Troy

    No, he’s not gay at all! Wink, Wink.

  • alejandro

    eh dont hate guys. he’s a great artist. who cares if he doesnt want to be open about his sexuality! gosh. but he looks so good :) cant wait for his new album :D

  • mark

    He writes songs with good hooks. His voice is kinda Freddie Mercury.

    As for how he looks – makes Rufus Wainwright look like a lumberjack.

  • Scott

    It’s ok if he’s not gay but I love looking at him in that totally gay outfit with poses. Makes me think about spending money on his albums just to support him. All that support ends if he disses me or my homeys.

  • alan brickman

    Just because someone came out..didn’t mean I would go and buy their music…seriously…grow up…

  • dellisonly

    He’s so gaunt. Somebody buy the boy a sandwich already.

  • Ian


    YOU eat the sandwich! A lot of us prefer slim, skinny, lanky guys – enough of this muscle and bulk shit…

  • dellisonly

    @Ian: And Karen Carpenter was just trying to keep a healthy figure

  • planktonshampoo

    He is cute, but his music is not for me.

  • Ian


    That’s not an intelligent comment – in fact it’s very sloppy to equate my preference for a slim Mika to the anorexia of Karen Carpenter. Or maybe you are just going for some laughs.

  • Joe

    He’s starting to look like Jerry Seinfeld.

  • me

    he’s in the land of elton john and george michael. why wouldn’t he come out? i don’t get it.

  • Bertie

    I wanna push his face into a pillow —
    tap that furry lebanese ass and make that singing stop

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