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  • Rainfish

    Mmmmmm…very nice! Perfect body. Looks prettier when he smiles too. BTW, I have a six pack like that (in my refrigerator).

    Too bad you don’t get to see much of his bootylicious caboose until the vid. But great all around.

  • Devon

    The guy is fine as hell, actually worth all the clicking, and on top of that the title doesn’t feature a cringe-inducing pun.

    Damn Queerty nice job, you went out on a high note this week.

  • Lefty

    I got bored after #4. Are there any pictures where he looks like a real person and not something made of plastic and icing sugar, and photographed by someone who has never used a camera before?

  • Sarah

    Good to see Paul finally get some love by Queerty

  • Bern

    Nice but I cannot get passed the fact he is 5’2″

  • Plazaboy

    I don’t care that he’s 5’2″. He is very pretty and i would not kick him out of bed or say no….. but he was always such a twat on the Janice Dickenson show.


    @Bern: You are aware that big things come in small packages, right? :p

  • Adam

    His myspace and other sources say he is 5’10”

  • Bern

    @Adam: Have seen live – I’m 6.1 and tower over him – not even close…

  • Silver

    He looks like Buzz Lightyear. They need to stop photoshopping his damn face.

  • rivermonk

    Yes, let’s cut down the beautiful man. That will make us all feel better.

  • J.

    He’s not 5’2. He’s kinda short, but not 5’2. Maybe 5’5-5’10ish….

  • myrios123

    mmm, I love it when they come “snack-size”

  • nineinchnail

    Pic #4 is deeelicious! Id love to spend a good hour working my way all over that hot little body.

  • Rob Tisinai

    I was walking my dog in Runyon Park when he jogged past me. I’m 6’1″ and he didn’t seem less than 6′ to me.

  • Sarah

    So, we have comments from people who have seen him in person and one says that he’s much shorter than 5’10” and another says he seems like 6′. Good lesson on the unreliability of eyewitnesses. Remember this if you ever sit on a jury.

  • Scott Gatz

    His resume says 5’10’ – so he’s probably right around there. And that’s all good.

  • shallow hal


    i was there til you said he had a small package, always seems to be the way with the hot ones

  • CraiginLA

    Whomever says this man is 5.10 or 6.0 is mistaken. He went to my gym, he is 5.5ish TOPS – not cutting him in the least, he’s gorgeous but 5.5ish…not that short isn’t beautiful but model’s resumes’ do exagerate certain key areas, height being one since so critical.

  • Lefty


    The fact that most here seem more interested in his height kinda speaks volumes. :(

  • declanto

    @shallow hal: Not that he has a small package, but that BIG THINGS come in small packages.

  • declanto

    After clicking each and every last number, and incidentally cleaning my screen with my tongue, I must point out that there is no way he could be 5’5″, though that wouldn’t detract from my lust for his flesh. Look closely at his relative proportions to the gym equipment he’s using in #29, the video. Also, he’s standing well with two other hotties in #25. And who is that HAWT numbah in the middle? (pulls tongue up from chest)

  • JOTR

    @Lefty: Jealous, are we? Probably with good reason.

  • Lefty

    Yes, it’s true.
    I aspire to the plastic action man look so beloved by level-headed and rational guys like your good self.

    Aww, well, I’m sure Paul will be comforted to know you’re defending his honour over the internet in an in-no-way creepy fashion.

    Funny, you’re yet another poster who hasn’t mentioned anything about the guy himself. One might almost come to the conclusion it’s because he’s boring…


    @shallow hal: NO silly! What I meant was most times short guys tend to have BIG packages…….

  • Daina

    Love love love Paul, awesome feature! He was featured at the Supermodels Unlimited event this weekend in Hollywood, I put one the links below…


  • Sergio

    God, I hope he’s gay. Cu I’m tired of all thee gay magazines and sites teasing us with straight unreachable men. First the strippers at gay clubs claim theyre straight, then some pornstars, now this. Hot GAY men please.

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