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  • randy

    No. 7 and 14 are hot!

  • iDavid

    #14 is the hottest. He looks str8.

  • Mark

    I was in Las Vegas last year. There is one mega club which takes an hour to get in and the rest of the gay nightlife, as it were, was pathetic. Bars in strip malls with drunken hustlers and drug addicts.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville


    I never missed having a fun time when in Las Vegas — been going every few years since the mid 1980s.

    Stick a crowbar in your wallet and tip a cute and adorable gay hotel concierge — he will give plenty of fun places to check out. (And you don’t need to be staying at Wynn to tip a Wynn concierge, just a decent tip and a smiling face.)

  • park


    none of these guys are hot

  • timncguy

    Where is the “full frontal” that is promised in the headline?

  • Mike

    @iDavid: Looks str8? How so?

  • hotdog

    nick ayler #14 is the only hot guy? the united states must really be lacking some good looking guys lately. sad really. the only hot guys i ever see are some of the guys in the Andrew Christian videos and not even all of those guys are hot

  • hilit

    its because america is full of inbred rednecks

  • jake


    Yes, because his perceived straightness is what makes him attractive.

  • Mark

    @jake Are you in-secured about your gayness?

  • UsualPlayers

    I randomly click through 5 of them. I refuse to click anymore. Why are they all white?

  • maxdadmark

    They are all white because this is an artificial, soul-sucking, environment. I have never been to such an awful place on this scale.

  • Drew

    You’re correct MaxdadMark.

    Yeah these guys do look like they are imitating CK models and they are probably ALL into doing sex for pay on the side as prostitutes but that’s very common in Vegas even with female strippers.

  • Mike

    #14 does not look “Straight” but maybe whoever said that is saying that since they just wish he was straight/hetero? A LOT of gay men are so uncomfortable with their sexuality and being gay that they need the fantasy or pipe dream that they’ve somehow had sex with a straight guy.

    All of these dudes look like the type you’d see in Sean Cody videos and I personally don’t find them hot.

  • Matt

    I get what someone was saying about #14 he doesn’t have LOL Gay face like the twink queens in pic #12 do!

  • MoJo

    Where’s the “View All button, ya bastards?!?”

  • Danny

    A lot of them are handsome.

  • timncguy

    I prefer “Men at Play” over these “bois at werq”.

  • iDavid


    Re: #14

    Just a gaydar reading. He doesn’t register. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t be wrong, he could be gay and just has no physical or attitudenal/vibe signs. There are lots of str8 bartenders and Djays who work in gay bars, The Abbey is famous for it. He just strikes me as one of them.

  • iDavid

    @mike #16

    I disagree. The models in Sean Cody rarely if ever express what someone called “LOL gayface”. They are the “straitest” most undetectable gay/bi dudes in porn. That is why they let them speak a lot, they don’t have gay speak or gay face like most of these guys in these pics who ar least look obviously gayed out. But, whatever floats your boat.

  • UsualPlayers


    It wouldn’t annoy me so much if I had not seen posts on here called the “Men of New York City” and its all white guys. It takes a real arrogance to label all white guys as the “Men of NYC” There is such a diverse population here of White, Latino, Black, Middle Eastern, Asian, South Asian, you name it- here that its just beyond me that someone could be so myopic in place with so many good looking me. That they would choose the exact same guys you find in the rest of white bread America.

    I don’t know much about the population of men in Vegas so I can’t say much other than I find it hard to believe that Vegas is also just white guys.

  • UsualPlayers

    Also I love the way gay men thinking they don’t seem gay. Unless you are Clint Eastwood, you seem gay to me.

  • Matt

    Mark-It’s not fun for straight people either unless you’re into gambling or going to shows at Casinos, or drinking. I went to Vegas with straight friends and the shows in the Casinos were fun but I am not into gambling.

    Most female strippers in Vegas are escorts on the side and sadly many do have problems with illegal drugs and booze.

  • gomer


    “only in Vegas will you find…..” Umm, Stripper Circus Vegas is an extension of Stripper Circus West Hollywood that’s been going on for a couple of years now……and, in West Hollywood, you do get full frontal……the midnight strip down……the lights go down, and so do the briefs…….just sayin’

  • dee-dee

    #14 looks like an older Chase Crawford. Nothing straight about that.

  • stagequeen

    #3 on the right — is that Ash from Randy Blue?

  • Trip

    they all look high. typical.

  • Steve

    Since when does “full frontal” mean, “with clothing”?

    I get that you want the front page of the site to be SFW. When the article gives fair warning, in the headline, there is no need for the _back_ pages of an article to be SFW. Anyone who clicks through to those pages, should know what to expect.

  • ric

    @maxdadmark: I agree all white. What’s up with that. We do have some beautiful men of color and shapes. I am tired of not seeing pictures of average men.

  • jimsteven

    @stagequeen: lol thats my bud Montana bro

  • Sam

    Diesel in #1 is a hot Latino!

  • John

    @iDavid: What does straight look like anyway?

  • ric

    @John: Yes i have been wondering that myself. And what is straight acting?

  • Tad

    All I can say is that the DJ is as hot as any of the strippers with all his clothes ON! He can mix for me any night….whew!!

  • Shaun

    <3 this cutie pie

  • Wilbready

    Ok, #4 and #9 scared the crap out of me, WTF! Number 5 and #10 made it better, butt #14 was the bestest!

  • Wilbready

    Number 12 was bi far the hottest SFW pic in the bunch. Queerty, where is the view all button? We have asked longer enough. This is why I prefer Unicorn Booty and definitely, Capital Hillbillies!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Looks like I’m not missing anything by NOT being in Vegas, Baby.

  • Stache1

    @ric: Just gay men insecure with themselves.

  • JustSayin

    Not even remotely hot, except maybe the DJ

  • darkthunder1183

    The guy in picture #10 is a porn star named Christian Jade/Adam Ridge.

  • Rob Moore

    @stagequeen: Yes, it is.

  • Wadey-New Zealand

    13 is the only spunk in my opinion. On a side note, LOL at all the internalised homophobia above. Bravo.

  • SteveDenver

    Were participants required to walk through a vat of NAIR?

  • dougmc92

    the DJ in pic 13 is the hottest- anyone know who he is???????

  • mujerado

    None of the buttons above #10 work any more. They take you to other articles. And no “see all” button. What’s up, Queerty? You don’t care any more?

  • billjones

    Where’s the frontal?

  • dannysax

    False advertising! To most people “full frontal” means it shows their dick. All these dicks are well-covered. Boo!

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    false advertising! or someone needs to check the definition of ‘full frontal’ big snooze-fest.

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