PHOTOS: Vienna’s Leopold Museum Uncovers “Naked Men”

The Leopold Museum in Vienna has done a service to all mankind, at least all mankind that likes ogling man-hind, with the new exhibit Naked Men. Featuring depictions of the nude male form from 1800 to the present, the exhibit has already generated some controversy. After a series of complaints over kiosks bearing men laid bare, organizers have agreed to cover up their privates in public. And here we thought they would have the balls to stand their ground. Check out some of these works of art below.

Wilhelm von Gloeden, Flute Concerto (1905)


Joseph-Desire Court, Death of Hippolytus (1828)


Paul Cézanne, Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait), (1910)


Edvard Munch, Bathing Men (1915)


Bruce Nauman, Untitled (Five Marching Men), (1985)


Elmgreen & Dragset, Shepherd Boy (Tank Top), (2009)


François-Léon Benouville, Achills Zorn, (1847)


Richard Gerstl, Selbstakt mit Palette, (1908)


Egon Schiele, »Prediger« (Selbstakt mit blaugrünem Hemd), (1913)