PHOTOS: Vienna’s Leopold Museum Uncovers “Naked Men”

The Leopold Museum in Vienna has done a service to all mankind, at least all mankind that likes ogling man-hind, with the new exhibit Naked Men. Featuring depictions of the nude male form from 1800 to the present, the exhibit has already generated some controversy. After a series of complaints over kiosks bearing men laid bare, organizers have agreed to cover up their privates in public. And here we thought they would have the balls to stand their ground. Check out some of these works of art below.

Wilhelm von Gloeden, Flute Concerto (1905)


Joseph-Desire Court, Death of Hippolytus (1828)


Paul Cézanne, Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait), (1910)


Edvard Munch, Bathing Men (1915)


Bruce Nauman, Untitled (Five Marching Men), (1985)


Elmgreen & Dragset, Shepherd Boy (Tank Top), (2009)


François-Léon Benouville, Achills Zorn, (1847)


Richard Gerstl, Selbstakt mit Palette, (1908)


Egon Schiele, »Prediger« (Selbstakt mit blaugrünem Hemd), (1913)

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  • Callum

    The Wilhelm von Gloeden, Flute Concerto (1905), work was originally presented as posted. The two boy’s “stuff” was always censored or covered.

  • Callum

    Doing some research I found that some of the art in the show may even show “copulation between men.” I could not confirm that but it was somewhat fun to read. I also find the (edited) comments below to be interesting, especially the ethnicity of the protesters.

    I wonder why the immigrant Muslim community would reqact in such a manner. If the immigrant community didn’t like the various freedoms found in Vienna, then why didn’t they move to a location that was more fitting with their beliefs?

    No visitors were complaining Friday as they filed past that photo and even more graphic examples of male nudity, including some depicted in sex acts.

    “I’ve seen worse on late-night TV,” said Franz Steiner, 27, as he left the show.

    The complaints clearly caught the museum by surprise. Vienna’s turn-of-the-century decadence allowed erotic artists, such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, to flourish, and has turned these days into complacent acceptance of displays of the flesh.

    Vienna’s public transport system reacted laconically earlier this week to reports that a young woman on a downtown subway line was dressed in nothing but knee-high boots.

    “We know that everyone has a different temperature comfort zone,” the agency said in a statement. “But we do not think that our subways are so warm that one has to get undressed.”

    But there seems to be less tolerance for shows of male nudity. Museum officials say they received a flood of complaints by last week, mostly from outlying districts heavily populated by new immigrants from Muslim countries.

    Museum director Tobias Natter says the flap serves to point out “that nobody gets offended by naked women, but with naked men: yes.”

  • viveutvivas

    So let me get this right. The museum directors folded and imposed censorship because it offended Muslim sensibilties? This is just another shade of fascism.

  • jababu

    Dude, I really enjoy your post. It’s a rare collection of men art and also controversial.
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  • Callum

    No they really only changed the larger than life kiosk posters plastered around town. On the posters they covered up the genitals with a red ribbon glued on.

    The underlying problem with the Muslim population remains. We all have read news stories describing complaints or protests by Muslim immigrants who are complaining about liberal art or other freedoms long enjoyed by an existing non-Muslim population. They seem to complain most heavily about any form of public display of affection, any public nudity, even historic statues or posters or nude art in public accessible museums or galleries. I do not understand why they would want to move into a liberal area and THEN complain. Why not simply move into an area that more fit their own personal or religious morales?

  • David Gervais

    If you are interested in the von Gloeden photos, Taschen published at least one edition of a book of his work. ISBN 3-8228-8314-x

  • Shungaboy

    I love it! I wish I could go to Vienna – it’s up until January 28. Closer to home is the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in Soho, NYC, worth a visit.

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