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  • Drew

    hmmmmm…. looks like someone uses padding between photos 23 and 24, then none in 25. Just sayin.

  • Dickie

    Padding or not, he’s totally adorable! Love the dimples.


    @Drew: jus’ different cuts in the various speedozz………

    I would defniatley love to give him a big “Aloha” cummin and goin;…….. :-p

  • pete

    Six-pack abs doth not a model make….small package, boring poses, and he looks like he’d be dumb as shit to talk to.

  • Drew

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I thought about that as well… but 23 is much more revealing compared to the others. That said, just an observation – I’m not judging size at all. I like dick and have been with far too many of all sizes to throw a stone! lol He’s certainly cute and has an amazing body.


    @Drew: Yes, but then again there are the “growers not showers” among us. One of my FBs looks like he is packing a minus rather than a p e n i s when Mr. Softee is around. However once the action begins suddenly Mr. Big makes a HUGE appearance…… :-p

  • Drew

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: LOL! a minus – too funny! Hmmmm… seems we should be looking at your set of action pics illustrating Mr Softee to Mr Big!!!!

  • Devon

    Yeah, yeah his junk doesn’t look all that impressive.

    But who cares? I’d do him up one side of the street and right back down the other.

  • Queenie Martin

    @pete: And he’d STILL be able to talk circles around you!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    OMG, Hudson!!!!!! Mrs. Gooch’s U.S. History class and Coach B’s P.E. @ Word of Life Christian Academy, Honolulu, HI Class of 2006! It’s nice to see progress with the modeling thing after seeing you on random advertisements in Waikiki. Oh btw, I lied when I told you I was straight. I told everyone that I had a crush on Crissy so that the school staff wouldn’t suspect me for being gay. Oh, my younger sister is gay too.

    I’m not sure why I’m writing this. He’ll never see it. lol

  • Stephen

    Maybe next you can feature the hottest boy in Rhode Island.

  • CGuy

    Beautiful body, hot face. Way too young for me, tho. He looks pretty but dumb.

  • manho

    of course he’s dumb

    can you name me one male model who was a mental giant?? probably not

  • Ian

    He’s hot. Shot #3 is really nice. Unlike some bitchy queens on this site, I don’t have the remarkable ability to determine a person’s cognitive abilities based upon their physical appearance. So, I’ll leave the “dumb” comments to others who have that amazing capacity.

  • Spike

    How desperate is Queerty to increase their hits by including softcore porn?


    yep i’m sure he is dumb as dip

  • dvlaries

    6.5 out of 10

    Find some new ones of Dallas Walker and Alessandro Calza.

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