PHOTOS: Vintage Fashion Ads From The 1980s


Ryan Murphy’s production of The Normal Heart was remarkable for a number of reasons, but in between the incredible performances, the compelling script and Matt Bomer‘s bare ass were some pretty great ’80s fashions. Below, let’s take a catwalk down Memory Lane with some vintage ads detailing the best (and worst) from the decade of excess and parachute pants.

Contempo Casual



Business Casual



“High” Fashionnormal-5


Executive Realness



Swimwear and Active Wear


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What did I tell you about those parachute pants? No beach look should be complete without them.

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  • pierre

    Oh god, remember the International Male catalogue??

  • Billy Budd

    Hot men have always existed. But the 80’s were a mistake fashionwise.

  • hudson

    @pierre: lol. yup and thinking it was all hot.

  • samwise343

    I promise you, 30 years in the future, people will laugh about what we wear now.

  • hotshot70

    @pierre, I LOVED IM catalogs. The models showed bulge with detail! Before I was old enough to legally buy gay porn magazines, those IM and Undergear catalogs helped me thru those “LONG” nights!

  • Stache99

    I think that’s why allot of them were laughing. You’d be laughing too if you had to pose in allot of that cheese wear.

  • Stefano

    @samwise343 : exactly !

  • carey579

    The 80s and even up to the point in the 90s – it seemed they were unapologetic about downright SEXY men.

  • robho3

    OMG I had that fur lined leather jacket! What was I thinking?

  • barkomatic

    Ok I’ll just say it–I used to love 80’s clothes. The guys in the ads are hot no matter what they wear. Lol

  • JackT

    This montage is best viewed with the soundtrack of Duran Duran’s Rio playing.

  • Mezaien

    Do they have to be all whites?.

  • ocdj63

    Nothing worse then Hot men from the 80’s in colors disturbing to nature. Umm my whole graduating class…go ’81. You should see my COLOR yearbook photo outfit.

  • domen8r

    listen, i still get the International Male catalog. And enjoy them.

  • rcs831

    I lived for the International Male, my girl friend always wondered why I got that. I told her it must have come for a previous resident.

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