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  • Paleale

    And how much is queerty getting paid to promote this movie? I’m not trying to imply that such advertising is wrong, but as a news site you really should disclose the fact that you are getting paid to “report” on Magic Mike.q

  • RascallyRabbit

    Clearly not enough.

  • MikeE

    @Paleale: LOL
    have you ever read any articles on this “website”? what on Earth makes you call Queerty a “news site”?

    honestly, if you’re getting your news from this blog then there is something seriously wrong in your life.

  • Jakey

    @Paleale: Apparently not much, since they can’t even get the plot right. (Or was bit about it being a Channing Tatum biopic a joke?)

    I seriously am the only person who wants to see this because it’s the new Steven Soderbergh movie, aren’t I. LOL.

  • Stark

    @Paleale: Your first problem is thinking that Queerty is a news site. It is not. Queerty is a blog that picks bits of information from other news/entertainment/etcetera websites and comments on them.

    @Jakey: Actually, they got that part right. It is a movie about Channing Tatum’s stripper years. The “It’s like The Deer Hunter, only with cocoa butter and six-pack abs” part is the joke.

  • Chris

    @Stark: No actually the biopic part is wrong. While it may have been inspired by his stripper years, the stories, events, dialog, etc are all fictional. Therefore not a biopic.

  • Lance

    This movie looks lame! Then again it’s not surprising that queerty is promoting it.

  • Joseph

    @Chris: Well, let’s meet in the middle: it’s a fictional story inspired by actual historical events, like Citizen Kane or Doctor Zhivago….

  • James

    Looks like a movie to skip!

    How much is queerty getting paid to promote it?

  • nuflux

    @Paleale: Probably not as much as Andy Towle gets paid to make every other post about Kellan Lutz.

  • Yowza

    On the seventh day God created Matt Bomer…

  • Spike

    Another Queerty posted by the new employee str8t girl.

    How much longer before this lame movie opens, str8t girl sees it, closes? Hopefully they littered the dialogue with one-liners so it will be a camp hit 10 years from now and playing on Logo every three months.

  • pierce

    Am I the only one completely turned OFF by this movie and the guys in it??

  • HeroQueero

    The only way this would be a biopic is if they showed the early days of Channing’s stripping as a go-go boy at gay clubs. Seems like an attempt to re-write his history into one that doesn’t include gay culture. Just another celebrity that uses us to get famous and then tries to forget about us once they’re at the top.

  • jj

    Yo queerty. Its 2012. Its time to get a new photo viewer. I shouoldnt have to reload the page 26 times to look at each photo. Unless you need the page hits that bad…

  • jeff m

    Like i’ve stated before; if you don’t want to see this movie, you are not gay!

  • Daez

    @jeff m: I have no desire to see this movie, and I am definitely gay. Channing Tatum is the only one of the men remotely worth looking at. Mathew is the most hideous of the bunch, but they are definitely all in the troll zone other than Channing, and if I want to see more of Channing there are sites for that, and those sites do not include ridiculously written “plot.”

  • RLS

    @pierce: No, you’re not the only one. I’ve been completely turned off by how this movie has been shamelessly marketed to gay men. It has zero gay content. I’ll barely care enough to watch on HBO in November when it’s there. I think this one is gonna sink like a stone. Tracking is bad and they know it, thus the last ditch effort to pimp this turd on every gay blog around.

    But god forbid Hollywood produces a movie with gay content that’s anything more than implied.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Its a fucking movie guys, lighten up?

    If you are so bothered by the making of a sexy film about male strippers, so dismayed about gratuitous skin and 6 pack abs, annoyed about blatant marketing to gay men, then why the fuck did you click through all 26 pictures?

    This is a Steven Sodenbergh film, the multiple Oscar winner for “Erin Brokovich” and “Traffic” (IN THE SAME YEAR, no less) who made a huge splash into movies with “Sex, Lies, and Videotape.” Mix in last year’s “Contagion” and the earlier brilliant remake of “Ocean’s Eleven” and the many more, demonstrate that Sodenbergh is an extraordinary film maker. I bet the film is another in the success column.

    Stop the whining because the truth is most all of you are going to see this film, if not in the theater, then Netflix or HBO.

  • MikeE

    @Daez: “the only one remotely worth looking at”? well, we will have to agree to disagree. I think Matt Bomer is MORE than fine enough to gawk at. Same with Joe Manganiello.

    The only one in the group that is a real turn-off for me is Adam Rodriguez. I just can’t separate him from his douchey role in CSI: Miami.

  • raisedsouth

    Could do without Adam Rodriguez and Matthew MaChanasleeze gross

  • Scott Gatz

    @Paleale: For the record, we are not getting paid for this post or by this movie at all. IF we ever do create sponsored content, you will see that clearly disclosed. Make fun of the movie or this site all you like, but we do disclose our sponsored posts. And you guys clearly like to comment about this movie, tons of comments and tons of pageviews everytime we post about this.

  • MIKE


  • MIKE

    @pierce: of course, hun. you must be one of those gays who fetishize white fat bearded dudes instead of white, clean cut, chiseled dudes. get the fuck over it dude.

  • wayne

    I’m not going to see this movie = I’ll wait for Casper Fan to upload all the naked ass clips to Rapidshare, then I’ll download every single one.

  • Stephen

    @Paleale: Queerty is much a news organization, as Fox is fair and balanced.

  • JayKay

    I can’t wait for this thing to come out and flop already, just so every gay site on the internet can stop pimping it.



    Strippers are gross to start with, and then they seemingly went out of their way to load the cast with nothing but men I recognize as attractive who do absolutely nothing for me. No interest whatsoever.

    I have to say, I feel bad for the poor theater owners who are gonna have to clean up after the hordes of soccer moms get done flicking their collective beans in the stadiums showing this movie. It’ll take months to get the stink of sweat and rotting tuna out of those seats.

  • Dagrlzrd

    Mr Gatz. I love Queerty I think you all are awesome! It has become my go to for pop culture, and quick news.I guess people forgot or are too young to remember or perhaps just plain ignert of the fact that homosexuality was once considered a mental disorder that could be fixed with a lobotomy or electric shock therapy.I was born in 1960 and my parents freaked when I wanted an easy bake oven for Christmas and wanted Barbie not GI Joe.I was sent to a shrink to get fixed.We now enjoy freedoms that 20 years ago were unheard of or at best underground.I think pierce ought to pierce her brain with a long hat pin. The Gay subculture may be vain,vacuous,and superficial but that is part of our charm.In my 37 years of living in the Gay community I have seen a lot of stuff,good,bad,and otherwise. What I don’t get are these negative nellies who are so bitter that all they can do is piss and moan and bash and complain. I have never been with a woman but I popped out of one 52 years ago and I seriously doubt that they smell like fish. After all, hundreds of thousands of Lesbians like it and I certainly trust their judgement on this matter.Eartha Kitt loves men and so do I,at my age all I really get to do anymore IS look. I have been with the same man since 1989 and we love to see all the beautiful people in this world and in the Gay subculture. There may be a lot wrong with the world,but there is also quite a bit that’s right. And Queerty is GREAT! SO I SAY> YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • nineinchnail

    Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Matthew Mcconaughey. Three reasons to go and see this movie right there. :)

  • IzzyLuna

    Don’t fall for it, gays! This movie is makes me feel like when I see a straight guy dancing at a gay bar: yeah, I know you think I’m hot, gay man. Tip me and look at me but you can’t touch. The guys (from what I’ve read) don’t even show frontal. Eh. I’m not watching it.

  • bienclar

    The outfit in 26 is literally the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, and I watched The Eagle.

  • Rockin Dad

    @pierce: Apparently NOT. Too bad, because while this isn’t Shakespeare, it does represent something of a watershed in str8 male self-regard. How many other movies do you know of where str8 guys consciously think of and promote themselves as sex objects? Psychologists say that a main reason for homophobia is str8 male discomfort at being regarded as an object of sexual desire by other men. This is a step in the right direction (as far as I’m concerned!)

  • ronnie

    Are you all serious? This movie looks like a tepid, silly, desperate attempt at marketing to the “gays”. In actuality it looks far more focused to middle aged, suburban, white female demographic. It will make it’s network debut soon after opening on the Lifetime channel for women!

  • G

    @Paleale: Queerty isn’t really a news site. As I understand it, it’s a blog that aggregates news pieces with its other stuff.

  • Jim

    If you all just look to the basics. It’s skin and sex appeal, clear and simple. Who cares if this site gets paid, who cares if it has no redeeming qualities, who cares if this site isn’t a “news” site. Who cares if it’s about Tatum’s stripper history…Take it for what it’s worth. Sexy men that we all have fantizied about somewhere in our lives. Too much effort is spent on analyzing this pic, tearing apart queerty. I remember perusing porno magazines, if I didn’t like the pics I didn’t buy it. Same here if you don’t like the camp or the story line, then don’t go and see it. BUT, you will miss seeing the skin…just go to look at the men…have a little mini fantasy…touch your self, and go back to True Blood and another butt shot of Alcid.

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