PHOTOS: We’re Hot For These Teachers

Without revealing a our tender ages, we confess that Mark Harmon made us want to go to Summer School (1987) and that Nick Nolte was damn sexy in Teachers. Yes, that Nick Nolte (it was 1984, people!) Truth is, we’ve always had a thing for a man with a ruler and some authority. So in honor of heading back to school, we went through our old Trapper Keepers and found 10 of the hottest teachers from the past 15 years on both the big screen and small who made us stand at attention in more ways than one. Who was your favorite?


Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker in Hung (2009-2011)

We always watched this HBO original with a cigarette and a cold towel handy. Jane played a mild-mannered high school teacher who side-jobbed as a hooker. Yup, we’d pay up for some private lessons. The show was called Hung, people. C’mon!

 Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood as Daniel Harris in The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006 -2010)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus fell all over herself falling for her son’s hunky second-grade teacher, and we were prat falling right along with her. Mr. Harris was hot!

Nicky Katt

Nicky Katt as Harry Senate in Boston Public (2000-2004)

This fictional, inner-city high school saw a disproportionate amount of good-looking teachers, but we’d welcome this bad boy into our classroom to teach us…well, just about anything.

Justin Bartha

Justin Bartha as Jeff Cahill in Teachers (2006)

Sure this 2006 lasted sitcom about as long as we did in calculus class, but The New Normal and Hangover star sure knew how to keep students’ attention with shirts that always seemed a tad too tight.

Michael vartan

Michael Vartan as Sam Coulson in Never Been Kissed (1999)

If you can get over the icky scenario of a teacher falling for someone (Drew Barrymore) who is his high school senior student (but she isn’t really), then Mr. Coulson’s, um, pointer would be just your ticket.

MUSIC Morrison 1

Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester in Glee (2009 – )

We just know there’s a hot bod under all those sweater vests. And since Mr. Shue can sing and dance, too…well, we swoon.


Denzel Washington as Melvin Tolson in The Great Debaters  (2007)

Serious subject matter about facing racism head-on in the 1930s doesn’t deter us from wondering what’s under all that tweed.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling as Dan Dunn in Half Nelson (2006)

Sure he’s a high school teach addled with a pesky drug habit, but when do we not go goo goo ga ga for Gosling?


Justin Timberlake as Scott Delacorte in Bad Teacher (2011)

Sure, he really cared about those kids, but we have a real hard…um, soft spot for smart guys with glasses who prove that specs can be so damn sexy.

Ezra Fitz

Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz as in Pretty Little Liars (2010 – )

So easy on the eyes that his students are falling at his feet and getting into troublesome extra curricular activities on this ABC Family serial.  Do you blame them?