PHOTOS: We’re On Red Alert For Ginger Model Chris Lawrence

chris lawrence

PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s Day isn’t till next month, but we just stumbled across ginger ex-footballer Chris Lawrence in the Queerty archives and couldn’t resist his fiery locks and cute kilt. (Yes, the Irish wear kilts too.)

The “Est. 1987” tattoo we could live without, but we’re not gonna make a thing about it.

Photos: Eli Hue; Agency: B1 Models




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  • Ron Jackson

    Beautiful guy except for that silly tattoo across his chest. What was he thinking?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Ron Jackson:

    Agreed. He’d definitely have to leave his shirt on, while getting that hot ginger ass pounded.

  • Matthew

    @Ron Jackson: If you’re going to get a really pointless tattoo, why not make it so huge it takes up your entire chest? Poor fool.

  • balehead

    Nice to see the “classic jealous” is also back….

  • Kieran

    Be great if they made a gay version of the Quiet Man with Chris in the Maureen O’Hara role.

  • Chad Hunt

    Him, his tattoo, and that bottle dye job are all hot. Of course I have always had a thing for red heads & blondes especially when the drapes and carpet match. To bad he never lifted that kilt so we could see if he wore it properly. I wouldn’t mind have seeing then done some sucking of his fireball candies under there.

  • stadacona

    Tattoos – a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

    Also, why is acceptable to write the headline based on his racial characteristics (“Red Alert”)? Is it fair game just because he’s white? Imagine an asian model with the headline saying “Yellow Fever”.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @stadacona: Ginger isn’t equivalent to a race or ethnicity, genius.

  • Stache1

    @stadacona: Yes as I look at my tattoo regret. At least mines small enough to consider removal.

  • CMObrero

    Judgmental pricks, judgmental pricks everywhere.

    I fucking love gingers. Yum!

  • robco

    Is he worried he’ll forget the year he was born?

  • philipj999

    Just a thought, but perhaps it is not a permanent tattoo.

  • mlbumiller

    Strange to find you cannot find any other pix of the “ex-footballer”, unless you miss took him for someone else.

  • Degas

    Why, why, why do people ruin their bodies with tattoos? The human body is a work of art in its natural form.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    Perfect 10

  • J.T.

    I think he’s absolutely adorable. The ink may be regretted later, but on a 27 y/o with a great body and pretty face, it’s rather entrancing. Gingers rule.

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