PHOTOS: West Hollywood Gets Jack’d

HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 25

In case you missed last week’s Jack’d Up Party in San Francisco, here’s your chance to see what it looks like when the party is taken South to Los Angeles. Popular “social meetup” app Jack’d broke 5 million users and held meetup celebrations at both the Castro’s Cafe and then LA’s Micky’s.

Which Golden Coast would you rather get Jack’d?

Scroll down through our pics to see who’s profile would be on your radar in WeHo…

HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 104 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 99 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 97 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 92 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 90 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 79 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 61 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 55 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 48 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 36  HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 22 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 19 HotRod Jackd 04.09.14- 3


Photos credit Brett Saari

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  • Large Marge

    Oh look… they photographed EVERYONE who was in the bar… all 20 of them.

    Yes, breaking news indeed.

  • Spike

    @Large Marge: In all fairness, the other 5 people in the bar refused to let their picture be taken. Been there/done that.

  • Cam

    No more ducklip poses!!!

  • DarkZephyr

    OMG the snark is never ending in this comment section.

  • ted72

    I noticed no Asian guys.

  • SteveDenver

    @ted72: Perhaps they’re not “in style” in WeHo this season.

  • Large Marge

    Snark? Perhaps, but I’ve seen it and you’ve seen it time and time again that these little sh!thole bars who literally have 20 people in them keep getting articles. This is not an event to be reported.. it’s simply another Tuesday.

  • Cobalt Blue

    There are freaks inside this gay speak easy…

  • Michaeltj

    I wish this fetish of shaving all over would be just that; ALL OVER!
    Enough already. They look like prepubesent girls. Bring back Tom Selleck types.

  • DK

    So apparently more than a few of my acquaintances are gaymous. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    P.S. There was nobody there that night. I went for two seconds and left, it was quite lame.

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