PHOTOS: Westboro’s Neighbors Paint Their House In Celebration Of Transgender Day Of Remembrance


The LGBT rights activists of Equality House, the peace-loving thorn in the side of the Westboro Baptist Church, have further ingratiated themselves to their fag-hating neighbors by painting their house to resemble the colors of the transgender flag to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The House, stationed directly across the street from the HQ of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, is the work of anti-poverty charity Planting Peace.

“Transgender suicide, as well as murders of those that are transgender, are alarmingly high,” Aaron Jackson, president and founder of Planting Peace, told Huff Po. “I wanted the Equality House to play a role in bringing public awareness to this issue and to let those in the trans community know that we care. It is my belief that if you are an ally for the trans community, it is imperative that you be open and vocal about it. Acceptance and inclusion comes from education.”

Equality House not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. In a six-inch heel, no less. Last month, it hosted a drag show as a fundraiser for Planting Peace’s anti-bullying and human rights advocacy programs. And over the summer, a five-year-old girl sold pink lemonade for peace outside Equality House, to the chagrin of the WBC. Westboro also had some choice words for the lesbian couple that got married across from their watchful, hateful gaze.

Yet, with each negative word or act, Equality House continues to counter with love and positivity. Paint that entire town pink!

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Photos: Megan James-Rogers

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